Microsoft Health Tech Today—New program segments for January

On January 13th we will launch the third program in our monthly, on-line video series “Health Tech Today”.  The show features two entirely new segments and two encore segments from earlier programs (yes, not only did HealthBlog take a break over the Holidays, but Health Tech Today as well).

New program segments in our January 13th episode include:


image Jeff Goldsmith: Future Prescriptions

Leading health care futurist, Jeff Goldsmith, analyzes the future of IT in health care. He asks the big question; Why has IT adoption been so painfully slow in health care?” Can IT transform health care to improve quality, productivity and health worker morale at the same time? Health Talk Today hears the insights of Jeff Goldsmith, the president of Health Futures Incorporated.

image Joel French, VP Motion Computing

He says in many cases technology solutions have been oversold, over-hyped and are not living up to their promises. Health Tech Today meets the vice-president of Motion Computing, Joel French, to learn tips on how to insure the success of health IT implementations. He also shares information about some of the latest advances in his company’s products.

image In addition to these new program segments, we have an encore appearance from Dr. Cornelia Ruland, the nurse/inventor of a video game that is giving clinicians better insights in caring for chronically ill children.  We also revisit Halo Monitoring CEO, Chris Otto, who demonstrates his company’s unique solution to help keep tabs on the well being of aging seniors in their homes.

I hope you will join us January 13th for our new Health Tech Today program.  Remember that you can view past shows as well as individual program segments from each show on-demand.  Stay tuned for an all-new episode of Health Tech Today in mid February.  I think you’ll be blown away by the special guests and cool technologies featured in upcoming shows.  Health Tech Today also has a fan page on Facebook. Please become a fan!

Here is the Health Tech Today promo for our January program:

Bill Crounse, MD     Senior Director, Worldwide Health     Microsoft

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  1. Medisoft says:

    Looking forward to Health Tech Today’s new shows.  It’d be good to hear what they think about EMR implementations.

  2. yuriyt says:

    Good day!

    So, it has been like 3-4 years since Microsoft bought what is now Amalga and what has been the progress ? Nil…

    So much for all the previous hype ….

  3. hlthblog says:


    All the hype???  Amalga is currently being used in more than 100 hosptials in America and overseas.  Considering that the Amalga solution has been sold commercially for only about 2 years now, I’d hardly call that hype.  And, the pipeline of hospitals and health systems expressing interest in Amalga all around the world is large and growing.

    Bill Crounse, MD

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