Leading experts, special guests to be featured on Microsoft “Health Tech Today”


Health Tech Today is a monthly, online video series providing cutting-edge stories at the intersection of health and information technology.  The show features informative interviews with some of the world's top health leaders; compelling health-related personal stories; and the latest new technologies and IT innovations.

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Program guests for launch show on November 10th 



He’s a recognized name around the globe; A lifelong defender of human rights and advocate for vulnerable peoples around the world. Archbishop Desmond Tutu joins Health Tech Today from South Africa to discuss how eHealth--the use of information & communication technologies in medicine--may be the key to improving access and solving chronic problems in global health care.



ANDREW CULL: Digital Paramedic

This 31-year old paramedic-turned-chief executive is breaking the mold dispensing emergency medical services around the globe—all coordinated by handheld devices, cell phones, and online software. Whether it’s rescuing a fallen climber in Nepal or evacuating a research scientist in the South Pacific, Remote Medical International delivers 24-hour service around the globe.  Health Tech Today reveals how information technology is helping this company experience triple-digit annual growth.



CORNELIA RULAND, Ph.D: Video Game Diagnosis

Doctors are receiving new insights into the symptoms of their young chronically ill patients—courtesy of an interactive video game. SiSom gives ailing children a voice in their treatment and helps their doctors care for them. Health Tech Today talks with the creator of the new technology, Cornelia Ruland, from her office in Oslo, Norway.



KIM PITTENGER, MD: Technology Transformation

He believes that much of the cost of medical care involves clogs in the flow of information—so his team turned to the lessons learned from the efficient production line system of automaker Toyota. The Medical Director of Kirkland, Washington’s Virginia Mason Medical Center, Dr. Kim Pittenger shows Health Tech Today how this production line revelation is transforming the patient’s experience.



DON DETMER, MD: Putting ‘Communication’ Into ICT

He says ‘communication’ is what is vitally missing at the intersection of health and information technology today. Health Tech Today hears why nationally recognized thought leader Dr. Don Detmer is advocating for stronger communication and collaboration solutions in clinical workflow.



CHRIS OTTO: Peace Of Mind Monitoring

It’s a dynamic personal health monitoring and alert system that is giving peace of mind to those who worry about their aging loved ones. MyHalo offers around-the-clock vital sign & activity monitoring by using body sensor technology combined with the Internet. Company CEO, Chris Otto demonstrates Halo’s technology on the set of Health Talk Today.


Bill Crounse 2007 03BILL CROUNSE, MD: Program Host, Executive Producer

HealthTech Today is hosted Bill Crounse, MD, who is also executive producer and creator of the show.  Dr. Crounse is a local and network TV physician journalist with more than two decades of experience. The program is produced by Emmy-award winning producer, Mark Stendal. Health Tech Today is taped at Microsoft Studios in Redmond, WA.  The show premiers November 10th.


You can watch the entire program or individual segments of Health Tech Today starting November 10th, 2009, at www.healthtech2day.com.

Bill Crounse, MD    Senior Director, Worldwide Health    Microsoft

Comments (2)

  1. Looks very interesting, and I thank you for taking the interest in Healthcare Information Technology!

    We’ve been doing videos on EHRs, at http://www.EHRtv.com for a few months, and I guess you’ll be setting the bar a bit higher.  I can’t wait to see what you’ll be showing.


  2. hlthblog says:

    Thanks for writing, Eric.  We will be covering much more than EHRs on Health Tech Today.  You are doing very good work.  Keep it up.

    Bill Crounse, MD

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