A Contemporary and Intuitive EMR Solution Built on Microsoft Office

Bill Crounse 2007 05 Are you among the seventy-five percent of physicians who haven’t yet implemented an electronic medical record solution for your practice? How much longer are you going to wait? Are you tempted by financial incentives offered through the ARRA stimulus package, but concerned about making the right EMR choice among the dozens if not hundreds available? Is the thought of implementing and learning how to use an EMR keeping you up at night?

imageHundreds of thousands of American physicians are feeling  pressured to implement electronic medical record systems for their practices. New payment schedules and regulations will soon make it highly undesirable to practice medicine without using an EMR of some kind. But selecting an EMR solution for your practice is a big decision. You want a solution that is going to be flexible, intuitive, and easy for you and your staff to learn how to use. You want a solution that’s reliable, certified, and built on industry standards.  You also want something built on technology that is guaranteed to still be around many years from now.

image There are literally hundreds of EMR solutions on the market.  Sorting them out is daunting.  Recently, I had an opportunity to get to know one particular EMR vendor that has taken a rather unique approach to building and selling their EMR solution. The company is gloStream and their solution really seems to resonate with a growing list of satisfied clinician customers.  Perhaps the secret to their success is building a solution that is based on the world’s best selling and most familiar office documentation and productivity software, Microsoft Office, and in particular, Microsoft Word.

If you would like to learn more, please listen to this 20-minute audio-cast.  It is the newest release in my House Calls for Healthcare Professionals series of articles, audio-casts and videos.  My guests for the program include:

  • Mike Sappington, CEO, gloStream, Inc. His responsibilities include charting out gloStream’s long term vision and developing its unique channel program and product roadmap.
  • James Long, Practice Manager for Family Orthopedic Associates, an orthopedic specialty group in Flint, Michigan that has implemented the gloSteam EMR solution.
  • Dr. Stephen Burton, a board certified orthopedic surgeon and one of the founding members of Family Orthopedic Associates. He also serves as Assistant Clinical Instructor of Surgery at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine.
  • Stuart Post, a Microsoft Solutions Sales Professional who has worked closely with gloStream and the company’s customers.

image On Tuesday, I invited Mr. Sappington and another of his satisfied customers, plastic surgeon Dr. Julio Sosa (pictured), to speak to a large gathering of Microsoft sales executives.  The meeting was at ISX, our global training event in Atlanta.  At the meeting, gloStream premiered a new video that I’m sure you will enjoy.  I’m so sure that I am also making the video available to readers of HealthBlog.  Listen to the audio-cast and watch the video below. You’ll be glad you did.


Bill Crounse, MD    Senior Director, Worldwide Health     Microsoft

Comments (5)

  1. DaveF says:

    Where’s the HealthVault enabled feature?

  2. hlthblog says:

    Thanks for asking the question.  I contacted gloStream and was informed that they have indeed already held meetings with our HealthVault team and are in process of working towards an integration with gloStream products and solutions.

    Bill Crounse, MD

  3. Curtis Hicks says:

    Center for Computer Resources has been a value added reseller of gloStream since early 2007. CCR was the gloStream partner that implemented the gloSuite solution for Family Orthopedic Associates.  We welcome any questions regarding how the solution was implemented and the value this solution has provided FOA.

  4. Excellent piece on gloEMR by gloStream!  

    The tight integration with Microsoft Office (and Microsoft, the company) really enable gloStream to stand out in the ever-growing EMR marketplace.  Thank you, Dr. Crounse for you work on this.  

    Exigent Technologies (http://www.exigent.net/emr) has been servicing the needs of physician practices in the NJ and NY area for 12 years.  

    We are a gloStream Certified Partner and would welcome inquiries at (973) 770-0500 or contact@exigent.net

  5. itSynergy is also a gloStream Certified Platinum Partner and the only company to have implemented and support the gloStream products in Arizona.

    Beyond the benefits mentioned by Dr. Crounse as well as the other gloStream partners above regarding the advantages of embedded Microsoft Office (a feature that is unique to gloStream’s EMR and Practice Management systems), I also think it is extremely important to note the other unique selling point of gloStream – they engage only through their local partner network.

    The one thing we hear REPEATEDLY as we work with medical practices, attend industry events, and conduct market research is that the single most important thing in the ultimate success of an EMR implementation within a medical practice is the skill and methodology of the local resources.  By partnering with existing Microsoft partners that are based in the same market as the practice, and providing those partners extensive gloStream specific training, gloStream has created a formula that virtually guarantees success in the implementation of their solution.

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