Windows Mobile – Facilitating Care at Home

image Home care is one of the fastest growing segments in the health industry. It is estimated that each year, about 2.5 percent of the American population receives some kind of home care service from a doctor, nurse, therapist, or home care aide. All of this amounts to more than 429 million visits a year, and that number is growing rapidly.

With that growth, there is also a shortage of qualified nurses and therapists. It is also true that coordinating and documenting home care, and synching captured information across care teams, is a daunting challenge for the health industry. Data capture is often still done on paper requiring workers in the field to drive to an agency office each morning in order to file their reports, pick up new schedules, and coordinate the sharing of information. That results in a lot of inefficiency, not to mention excess travel costs, reimbursement delays, and possible errorsimage.

With home care becoming ever more important in meeting the needs of  patients, and playing a significant role in helping to control the nation’s escalating hospitalization costs, what can be done to modernize care team documentation, communication, and collaboration in the home care industry? How can we also help retain home care workers by giving them the very best tools to help them do their jobs, including contemporary IT solutions to help improve efficiency, make work easier, and facilitate caregiver collaboration?

These are the issues we address in the latest edition of my House Calls for Healthcare Professionals audio-cast series: Windows Mobile - Facilitating Care at Home.  My guests include:

Guy Conces, chief technology officer, Homecare Homebase

Gracie Davis, RN, Encompass Home Health

Hemang Patel, mobility solutions specialist, Microsoft


I hope you enjoy the program!

Listen (21:32 min): Windows audio format | MP3 format


Bill Crounse, MD   Senior Director, Worldwide Health   Microsoft Corporation

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  1. Being in the incontinence industry, I am glad to see strides like this made in home care, and I hope that technology in the future further facilitates the advancement of home medicine.

  2. ravi says:

    very good information,. similar information i have found in this website

  3. Home care services is sure is reimbursing now a days, and most of them do have the best nurses and caregivers.

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