At Microsoft Health, We Make House Calls

OK.  We don’t exactly come to your home in the physical sense, but we do make house calls.  I’m pleased to introduce an updated and redesigned site for an on-going series of articles, audio-casts and videos that we call House Calls for Healthcare Professionals on Microsoft Health .


You can now access House Calls (and HealthBlog) directly from the Microsoft Health home page.  Check out a brand new audio-cast with the CIO of Clarian Health as he tells us how his organization has improved customer service and significantly cut costs by following Microsoft guidance for infrastructure optimization and virtualization.  Read a just released article that shares some new ideas on how healthcare imageorganizations can more A visit with Microsoft Research: A look at tomorrow's health solutions todayeffectively manage relationships and build loyalty with patients, medical staff, and community members using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  And don’t forget to check out our inventory of interesting videos including my recent visit with colleagues at Microsoft Research as we examine cool new technologies that may one day find their way into healthcare.

And did I tell you we have video?  Oh yeah, lots of video…………………………


So the next time you get a hankering for the latest information on IT solutions and innovations for the healthcare industry, I hope you’ll think about House Calls.  It’s never been easier to invite us into your home.

Bill Crounse, MD  Senior Director, Worldwide Health   Microsoft Corporation

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  1. ManishSharmas says:

    Dr. Crounse, as always this one is the most awaited section, the house calls presented this time are truely amazing. Makes my team really excited to know that healthcare IT is really evolving very fast. Looks like the MSFT research is like the NASA of healthcare, providing some really cool ideas. way to go!!!!

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