Transforming medical data into knowledge for better health: An update on Microsoft Amalga and HealthVault


Healthcare is a data intensive industry. But all too often, that data exists in silos. Health data also tends to be widely dispersed across multiple hospitals, clinics and providers. Data that exists in isolation or is impossible to access has little value. But today powerful software and solutions are available that can turn health data into information and information into knowledge; knowledge that not only improves business and clinical operations of our hospitals and clinics, but also the personal health and well being of patients.

image At Microsoft, our goal is to improve health and the lives of people around the world with innovative software. Our Health Solutions Group is focused on solving some of the most difficult challenges faced by healthcare administrators, clinicians and patients themselves when it comes to managing and learning from, the massive amount of data in healthcare. In particular, the group has developed a powerful solution that helps turn data into knowledge for hospitals, health systems, clinicians and researchers. It’s aimage health intelligence platform known as Amalga. In addition, last October the group launched HealthVault for consumers; an on-line platform that provides a means to store, share and connect your personal health information in ways never before possible.

More than a dozen of this nation's leading healthcare organizations have enrolled as first customers and development partners for Amalga.  They range from large enterprise hospital systems and community hospitals to renowned academic medical centers and research institutions.

One of those first customers is St. Joseph Health System in Orange, California.  In this special edition of my House Calls for Healthcare Professionals series of monthly audio-casts, Larry Stofko, St. Joseph's Senior Vice President and CIO, discusses how his organization, their patients and community are benefiting from Microsoft Amalga.  Later in the program, I'm joined by two of my Microsoft colleagues to discuss not only Amalga, but also the latest news and developments regarding Microsoft HealthVault.  I hope you enjoy the program.

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Bill Crounse, MD    Senior Director, Worldwide Health    Microsoft Corporation


Program Guests

Larry Stofko, Senior Vice President and CIO, St. Joseph Health System, Orange, California

Stephen Gordon, Sales Executive, Microsoft Health Solutions Group

Grad Conn, Senior Director of Global Consumer Health Strategy, Microsoft Health Solutions Group 

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  1. Sesmak says:

    Hello Bill,

     I was searching for information on data and knowledge and ended up here. I am a Nigerian very much interested in the development of routine health information systems. The WHO Bulletin recently sent out a call on Health Communication andi was trying to dig out information on how effective communication cold be where there is no data and people rely absolutely on surveys and models.

    I can see this is your area of focus and will like to share ideas if you do not mind. I am an Epidemiologist and Oracle DBA.

    My email is or

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