Major Healthcare ISV Catches the Wave with Windows Media Center and Xbox 360 Solution

Previously on HealthBlog I told you about some terrific work being done at Arkansas Children's Hospital to improve the patient experience for hospitalized children.  The hospital's own IT staff had developed a bedside information, communication, and entertainment center based on Microsoft Windows Media Center and Xbox 360.  The solution is now being implemented hospital-wide.

image Now one of the leading healthcare industry solution vendors has caught the wave.  Earlier this month, Cerner announced a bedside solution they are calling Care Console.  The system is being piloted by Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Like the solution at Arkansas Children's, the Cerner Care Console is powered by Windows Vista, Windows Media Center and Xbox 360.  It provides bedside information and patient education, e-mail, movies on demand, live TV, video games, music, and more.  The patient also has access to informationimage about hospital services and, by pulling data from the hospital's Cerner Millennium clinical information system, it can also provide pertinent care plan information and even test results to the patient.

If you'd like to learn more about the Cerner Care Console solution at Spectrum Health, check out this video that has been posted on the web.  You can read more here.  I think you'll agree this takes the patient experience to an entirely new level.


Bill Crounse, MD    Senior Director, Worldwide Health      Microsoft Corporation 

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  1. Interesting point at

  2. Dr. Crounse from Microsoft updates us and gives some more of the inside scoop on the X-Box and how it

  3. Sam Adams says:

    Is it the Xbox or the Xbox 360 that’s being used? The demo’s I’ve seen have show the Xbox, it would be great if Cerner moved to the 360 platform isntead. It’s a far better platform to try to integrate with.

    Kudo’s to Cerner for their willingness to partner and with this very creative and forward thinking approach.

    … now if they could only have a real web service interface 🙂

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