Mailbag: HealthBlog readers confirm some important trends

I wanted to share a couple of insightful comments on previous HealthBlog posts that I received this week.  One reader responds to my post about a public hospital in Spain, Torrevieja Salud, that I wrote about while attending a health leaders event in Barcelona last December.  Using commodity software solutions and development tools from Microsoft and some of our partners, the hospital built an end-to-end IT system to manage all of their administrative and clinical operations.  And, they did it for a fraction of what most hospitals spend on IT.  The comment comes from a gentleman who was recently a patient at the hospital.  He writes;

I am ex-IT and I am a patient of the Salud Torrevieja.  I am amazed at the interaction of their system.  Every patient is processed by card (SIP) and given a summary of their treatment when they leave after any procedure or process.  In that sense it is not paperless, but all information regarding the patient is available to all system users as far as I can ascertain.  I had an operation there on October 5th and the facility and staff were first class.  It feels like a private hospital.  A friend of mine who accompanied me said it was better than her private hospital in the UK in terms of cleanliness and appearance.  They do tend to operate a fine hospital.  It seems to be open longer hours than those in the UK.  The only point I would make is that possibly starting with a blank screen may have helped them develop a better IT system rather than trying to accommodate outdated hospitals and thinking.


Edward, Resident of Torrevieja


The next comment comes from one of our customers in the Southeastern United States.  He is responding to the posts I've been writing about Unified Communications and how pivotal this breakthrough technology will be to the healthcare industry; an industry that hinges on effective and efficient communication and collaboration in the delivery of high quality, safe and satisfying patient care.  He writes;

We have recently installed most of the same architecture including video conferencing. It is rolling out across our 9 hospitals and 17,000 employees as I type this. We are also looking at an integrated model that includes sponsored links on, passport credentials passing to our systems for patients to schedule appointments and using Dynamic CRM to track activity and assist with marketing and BD efforts. New portals using MS tools is also in the works and we are now including HealthVault for better patient communication throughout our community. We are in the strategic stages of planning much of this with MS. There are a lot of exciting possibilities and we absolutely need to reinvent the way we interact with our patients and community.

 L.J., SVP & CIO


My sincerest thanks to HealthBlog readers for their comments and contributions to the industry.  Keep up the good work and help us spread the word.  A new day is coming in healthcare IT.

Sunday I'm off to the "other Washington" to keynote at the International Medical Automation Conference.  I hope to see some of you there.

Bill Crounse, MD     Worldwide Health Director      Microsoft Corporation

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