A New Day in Healthcare IT

In my last Blog posting I hinted that a “new day was coming in Healthcare IT”.  As HealthBlog readers may have surmised, I had advance knowledge of an announcement that was made late last evening and is hitting the press today.  That announcement is the purchase by Microsoft of a company called Global Care Solutions (GCS) of…


Mailbag: HealthBlog readers confirm some important trends

I wanted to share a couple of insightful comments on previous HealthBlog posts that I received this week.  One reader responds to my post about a public hospital in Spain, Torrevieja Salud, that I wrote about while attending a health leaders event in Barcelona last December.  Using commodity software solutions and development tools from Microsoft and some of our…


The commodity storm; unleashing an EMR tornado for small physician offices and clinics

My latest travels took me to Louisville, Kentucky, where I provided a keynote for a breakfast event organized by Health Enterprises Network.  It was a gathering of more than 275 healthcare, business, and community leaders from around the central Kentucky region. I don’t know why, but I seem to have more than my share of perilous adventures on these trips.  Some of you will remember my…


Ground Zero for Unified Communications in Healthcare

My team in Australia has just published a case study that demonstrates the value and potential for Microsoft Unified Communications in Healthcare.  HealthBlog readers know I’m passionate about this topic. There is nothing more important to the patient care process than seamless communication and collaboration amongst members of the care team and between the providers of care and their…


Bridging the Gaps in Healthcare IT

I’m sitting in Narita Airport waiting for my flight back to Seattle and reflecting on my experiences at the STS Forum in Kyoto and the meetings I had with customers in Tokyo. Besides the opportunity to hear from Japan’s new prime minister, I was thrilled to attend a luncheon presentation given by the Chairman of Toyota, Mr….


Science and Technology in Society Forum: How software could help save the planet

Today I attended the opening of the 4th Annual Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum in Kyoto, Japan.  I’m here at the invitation of Mr. Koji Omi, Member of the House of Representatives and former Finance Minister for Japan.  Mr. Omi is also notable as the founder of the STS Forum.  It is a genuine…


More on HealthVault: An Interview with Peter Neupert

I’m traveling in Japan this week to attend and speak at the Science and Technology in Society forum in Kyoto, but I wanted to provide HealthBlog readers with a link to more information about Microsoft HealthVault.  My Microsoft Developer Network colleague, Jon Udell , at Channel 9 was able to grab an interview with Peter Neupert, corporate VP of Microsoft’s…


Microsoft HealthVault: A Place to Search, Store and Connect Health Information for You and Your Family

As a physician, I know how important it is to have access to my patient’s health information.   As a patient, I know how frustrating it is to have my health information scattered across multiple doctors, ambulatory clinics and hospitals.  As a care manager for my elderly parents, I’ve experienced firsthand how difficult it is to keep…