Diagnostic software: Improving patient safety around the world

I'd like to draw your attention to a new video that we've just released as part of my House Calls for Healthcare Professionals series.  The program takes a look at diagnostic software developed by Robertson Technologies.

I met Dr. Joel Robertson about five years ago.  I and others from Microsoft (most notably Dr. David Heckerman at Microsoft Research) have been advising Dr. Robertson during the development of his company's software.  The result of this work, NxOpinion, is one of the most significant, accurate, responsive and intuitive diagnostic programs I’ve seen.

I believe there are many applications for its use in emerging markets where physicians in rural villages or lesser-trained individuals working in public health need diagnostic support.  I believe there is also a role for diagnostic software in developed nations to improve patient safety and the quality of care in settings such as nurse call centers, community clinics, retail clinics, and urgent care settings.  There is also the potential for this technology to be used by consumers in evaluating personal health issues at home.

See below for additional information about the program and my special guests.  Enjoy the show! 

Bill Crounse, MD     Worldwide Health Director       Microsoft Corporation

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There’s never been a more compelling time for computers in the practice of medicine.  There has been an explosion in the amount of information and scientific knowledge that physicians must know in order to practice medicine today.  That task becomes even more challenging as genomics and personalized medicine enter the mix of care.  In addition, in many developing countries there are severe shortages of qualified healthcare professionals.  What medical care there is must often be provided by lesser-trained individuals.

In this special video edition of our on- going House Calls for Healthcare Professionals series, Microsoft's worldwide health director, Bill Crounse, MD, takes a look at computer software called NxOpinion.  Using this software, physicians and other caregivers can more accurately assess a patient’s symptoms, arrive at the correct diagnosis, and deliver the safest and most appropriate treatment.    

Program Guests: 

Dr. Joel Robertson is the innovator and driving force behind the creation of NxOpinion.  With more than 20 years of experience consulting with senior executives, companies and health care facilities to improve their performance and achieve better results, as CEO and Chairman of Robertson Institute, Dr. Robertson currently oversees several medically focused companies in the U.S. and abroad.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Ferris State University and a Doctor of Pharmacology from the University of Michigan.

Del. J. DeHart, M.D. is an infectious disease specialist in private practice. He also serves as Associate Professor of Medicine, College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University, where he obtained his medical degree.  He serves as Medical Director for NxOpinion, Robertson Research.

M.U.R. Naidu, M.D. is the Dean of the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) in Hyderabad, India, which is dedicated to providing medical care, educational and research facilities in the field of medical science.  Dr. Naidu set up the clinical pharmacology research center at NIMS and is actively involved in research and education for the government of India with multiple publications.  He has served as the coordinator of research and testing for NxOpinion, coordinating testing in rural health care workers as well as helping to improve usability and culture and language sensitivity issues.

D. Prasada Rao, M.D. is a cardiothoracic surgeon who serves as a Director at the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad, India.  He is also on the Rural Health Initiate Board for the Government of India and on the Board of Ayorgi Sri, which is their new Medicaid system.  He is considered one of the highest ranking physicians in India.

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