The Mobile Clinical Assistant; a new category in Tablet PCs for healthcare


Over the past few years Microsoft partner, Motion Computing, has focused on serving the healthcare industry. In February at HIMSS, the company introduced an entirely new category of Tablet PC; the Mobile Clinical Assistant, also known as the C5. In March, Motion introduced a new full-sized Tablet PC, the LE1700.  It not only offers a touch screen for data input but is also fully capable of running Windows Vista with Aero glass graphics.

In this special video edition of my House Calls for Healthcare Professionals series of streaming audio and video programs, I’m joined by Joel French, VP for Motion Computing, and Dr. Michael Blum, VP and CMIO of UCSF Medical Center.  We take a first look at these exciting new Tablet PCs and discuss how these devices are being used by clinicians around the world.

If you’re thinking about Tablet PCs for your hospital or clinic, you’ll want to watch this 20-minute video program featuring the newest devices now on the market.  To watch the video, just click HERE

Bill Crounse, MD    Worldwide Health Director    Microsoft Corporation

 Program Guests:

Joel French, is Vice President of the Health and Life Sciences group for Motion Computing, Inc. Mr. French is a leader in wireless products and services designed for mobile professionals in vertical industries.

Dr. Michael Blum, is Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, a practicing Cardiologist, and Chief Medical Information Officer for the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. 

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  1. BelArt says:

      It’s very interesting how it is working inside, and what technology does it applies. I watched only 5 minutes of video, is it will be interesting to hospitals?

  2. Linda says:

    I’m curious to know if there is any study looking at the usage of tablets in healthcare – things like # of tablet per clinician, usage models, etc. compared to other devices like laptops, fixed PCs, PDAs…

  3. I am an experienced doctor and hospital administrator , i have seen the product its fantastic…. but it lacks in data updates and online prescription system…..I would like microsoft to come up with a more value added version of this product for which i am ready to give inputs and can help in devoloping a better tablet PC software for healthcare.

  4. hlthblog says:

    Dr. Faheemuddin,

    Thanks for your comments.  You rightly point out that the C5, or any computer used in healthcare, is only as good as the software that runs on it.  There are lots of very good solutions out there from an ecosystem of more than 600 partners who build clinical solutions using Microsoft technologies and applications.  Many of these work well on Tablet PCs and offer the kinds of features you are looking for.  In addition, as I have frequently profiled on this Blog, many hospitals and clinics around the world are building their own solutions using the architectural design and open standards of the connected health platform along with development tools and commodity software from Microsoft.

    Bill Crounse, MD

  5. Cheryl D. Parker, RN, PhD says:

    Clinician Usability Studies of Motion C5 – – Linda, to answer your question, yes, we have completed one study and are in the process of several more. Results will be forthcoming in various venues such as a presentation at AMIA.  To learn more, please feel free to contact me at


  6. KarenHobson says:

    We are moving towards implementation of the EMR and are working to establish processes for cleaning of mobile & fixed devices. Has this been addressed? are there resources that we could access?

    thank you

  7. hlthblog says:

    Thanks for your comment.  My colleagues at Motion Computing have done a lot of research in this area.  You can access documents related to "cleaning of mobile and fixed devices" here

    Bill Crounse, MD

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