Microsoft in the Healthcare Industry: Consumer Health World video interview

I'm back in the office after a two week Holiday break.  2007 is upon us, and I look forward to a very exciting year with the introduction of Windows Vista, Office 2007, and some of the first new solutions from our Health Solutions Group here at Microsoft.

Just before vacation, I attended Consumer Health World in Washington, D.C., where I had the opportunity to serve on a couple of panel discussions with other colleagues from global technology companies as well as some distinguished healthcare industry leaders.

In the conference exhibit hall I met up with longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Mike Magee.  Dr. Magee is a prolific writer and blogger who hosts the popular Health Politics site sponsored by Pfizer's Medical Humanities Initiative.  Dr. Magee asked me to sit down for a video interview to share some thoughts about healthcare information technology and Microsoft's role in the industry.  We also touched on a variety of other topics including the future of blogging, consumerism in healthcare, what's new at Microsoft, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and more.  You can link to the streaming video here.

The next two months will be busy with Microsoft healthcare executive forum events in Minneapolis, Austin, Kansas City, and New York.  I will also be keynoting at the Dallas Health Industry Council annual meeting, and the Healthcare Price and Quality Transparency Conference in Las Vegas.  Then of course comes one of this year's biggest events, HIMSS 2007 and MSHUG in New Orleans.  Microsoft's Steve Ballmer will be on the podium this year at HIMSS.  I hope to see you there.

Happy New Year!

Bill Crounse, MD             Healthcare Industry Director        Microsoft

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  1. Neil Foster says:


    I am an executive recruiter who specializes in Healthcare and Technology. I have a small recruiting and consulting firm which is based in NY but serves the whole country. I would very much like to attend the Microsoft healthcare executive forum event in NYC to be able to find out more about Microsofts future plans  in healthcare and also to be able to network.

    Can you tell me how I could go about getting an invitation

    Many Thanks

    Neil Foster

    CEO Broadreach Communications, Inc

  2. hlthblog says:


    Thanks for writing.  Our Healthcare Executive Forum events are invitation-only, c-level meetings for Microsoft enterprise customers and partners.  I will forward your name and request to our NY Office.  I’ll leave it up to them to contact you if they are able to extend an invitation to you.

    Bill Crounse, MD

  3. Sanjib Bhowmick says:

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    I am currently employed in Siemens Medical Solutions USA. Previously I worked for GE healthcare and Philips Medical Systems. Most of these years I did direct field services for healthcare imaging products. I have about 15 years’ of experience in healthcare Imaging Industry. I have a 4 year Undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering.

    Currently I am persuing an MBA program at University of Colorado at Denver. I need to know what kind of career level and development is achievable at Microsoft Healthcare division.

    I would be happy to know the related opportunities and profiles in Microsoft.

  4. Bill Crounse, MD says:


    Thanks for writing.  For information about career opportunities at Microsoft, please visit  A keyword search using the term "healthcare" will reveal the opportunities available in our Health Solutions Group, Healthcare and Life Sciences Group, and Worldwide Public Sector Healthcare Group.

    Bill Crounse, MD     Healthcare Industry Director      Microsoft

  5. Dan Swayze says:

    Dr. Crounse,

    I just discovered your blog and have found it to be very interesting and helpful. Thanks for all the hard work.

    I’m a doctoral student in a public health program at Pitt, as well as employee #3 in a new Healthcare IT startup. It seems to me that the traditional boundries between medically oriented models and public health models could blur with the adoption of more technology based solutions. I also believe that both would benefit from the merging roles.

    A quick scan of your topics leads me to believe that most of your attention (and that of Microsoft?) is geared towards clinical and individual interactions as opposed to a broader public health model, which tends to focus on population-based interventions. I believe and am interested in interventions that have been successful in community-level settings and determining whether they could be replicated using technology. For example, could we replicate a successful cancer awareness or smoking cessation campaign in a social networking site or through some other technology where the community would be defined by the shared online experience?

    You have a unique and enviable vantage point where you are exposed to many technologies and activities in healthcare. I’m wondering if you would share some of the solutions or ideas that you have come across that we in public health should look for. In all your travels and with all the technologies you’ve seen, which do you believe are pushing the envelope in redefining how health care will be delivered?

    Thanks for the blog and for any insight you can share.

    Dan Swayze, MBA, MEMS

    VP of Consumer Health and Wellness

  6. Bill Crounse, MD says:


    Thanks for writing. Although I more often focus on our commercial business, rest assured that Microsoft is very active in the public sector.  We actually have three groups at the company focused on the healthcare industry.  Our original group is the Healthcare and Life Sciences group which focuses mainly on our North American business across the healthcare provider industry, health plans, and life sciences.  More recently we have been building deep industry resources in our worldwide public sector with management and industry experts in every region of the world.  Our newest group is the Health Solutions Group.  This group is focused on directly building solutions for the healthcare industry, particularly where healthcare touches the consumer.   If you need additional information about our activities in the healthcare industry, please check out the resources available at

    Bill Crounse, MD    Healthcare Industry Director     Microsoft

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