Microsoft and Azyxxi: Special Audio-Cast Now Available!

Few HealthBlog entries have drawn as much interest as the piece I wrote on Microsoft's acquisition of Azyxxi.  Thanks for your comments and lively discussion.  To provide our customers and partners with timely and accurate information on Azyxxi, we have produced an audio-cast on this topic as part of my on-going House Calls for Healthcare Professionals series.  I hope you'll enjoy the program:

Bill Crounse, MD      Healthcare Industry Director    
Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft and Azyxxi : What does it mean for the
healthcare industry?
This program is also available in MP3 for download.

On July 26th, Microsoft announced that it had agreed to acquire health intelligence software known as Azyxxi and to forge a strategic alliance with MedStar Health, the Washington, D.C. health system where Azyxxi was developed and deployed. Designed by physicians, for physicians news about the acquisition of this proven health information intelligence engine has clinicians everywhere wanting to know more. Finding out that the technology was innovative enough to capture Microsoft’s attention, has everyone buzzing. What is Azyxxi? What does it do? And what does this signal about Microsoft’s strategy in the healthcare industry?

For more information on Microsoft and Azyxxi, please visit: Dr. Crounse’s HealthBlog entry on this topic, Microsoft and Azyxxi: What does it mean to our industry? and Microsoft Press Pass article, Microsoft Expands Presence in Healthcare IT Industry With Acquisition of Health Intelligence Software Azyxxi.

Panel guests:

Dr. Craig Feied, specializes in emergency medicine at MedStar Health’s renowned Washington Hospital Center, a not-for-profit, 907-bed acute care teaching and research facility based in Northwest Washington, D.C. Dr. Feied has headed MedStar Health’s Medical Informatics program since joining the Hospital Center in December 1995. He is also one of the founders of Azyxxi.

Dr. Michael Hockstein, is Medical Director of Surgical Services at Washington Hospital Center and specializes in surgical and medical critical care, pulmonary diseases and internal medicine. Working in the information-intensive critical care environment, he is an avid user of the Azyxxi solution at Washington Hospital Center.

Peter Neupert, is Corporate Vice Present for the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft. Peter’s long Microsoft career includes senior management roles with various business and product groups. He rejoined the company last year after serving as President and CEO of the on-line retailer, In his new role at Microsoft, Peter is responsible for collaboration with the healthcare ecosystem to address global infrastructure issues of significant scale.

Steve Shihadeh, is general manager, sales and marketing for Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group, where he is responsible for the company’s worldwide go-to-market strategy, sales, services, and partner execution. Prior to joining Microsoft, Steve was a senior vice president, sales, and management executive with Siemens Medical Solutions and Shared Medical Systems.

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  1. Anthony Cardillo, MD says:

    Has anyone looked into the California based company that has the same product as Azyxxi and have multiple contracts with local hospitals. I wonder if Microsoft would be interested in buying them as well?

  2. HealthBlog says:

    Technorati tags: Microsoft , Azyxxi , New York Presbyterian Hospital , Johns Hopkins Hospital , Novant

  3. Technorati tags: Microsoft , Azyxxi , New York Presbyterian Hospital , Johns Hopkins Hospital , Novant

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