New ways to interact with objects, data and images: Implications for healthcare

Part 2 of my interview with colleagues at Microsoft Research is now live on Microsoft's Channel 10.  I think the healthcare implications for what you will see are profound, which is why I wanted to focus on "play anywhere" technology in this piece.  What you'll see will remind you of that scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise is magically manipulating and interacting with images and data using his hands and body.  

Alternative controls to help manipulate data and images going into and coming out of computerized systems would be advantageous to many industries and occupations.  When I see this I immediately think of fellow professionals working in radiology, surgery and other specialties.  There are also implications for the home where object recognition might be applied to assist persons suffering from cognitive disorders or to help with medication management.

So take a look, and let your imagination run wild.  My thanks to Dr. Eric Horvitz and Andy Wilson for their brilliant contributions and to Laura Foy for her camera work and editing.

Bill Crounse, MD    Healthcare Industry Director     
Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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