Some Tips on Selecting an Electronic Medical Record for Your Practice

I'm about to hit the road for our Microsoft Healthcare Executive Forum in Nashville, TN.  I look forward to the opportunity to address a large number of our healthcare customers from the region.  The following week, I'll be in Phoenix for a similar event hosted by the local HIMSS chapter and will also be participating in the AMA's 26th Annual Medical Communications Conference.  It will be great to catch up with friends and colleagues from my television industry days and the National Association of Medical Communicators; a group I am proud to have helped found more than 20 years ago.

Before I leave town, I wanted to direct my readers to a new article we just posted on the Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences web site.  I frequently get asked by my physician colleagues for advice on how to select an electronic medical record for their practice.  So, I teamed with my friend Mike Urtez and we came up with some helpful guidelines to get you headed in the right direction.  You'll find the article here:

We will also be producing an audiocast on how to select an electronic medical record.  On that program, I'll be joined by Mike Uretz of the EHR Group and two physicians who are going through the selection process right now.  The program will be posted to my House Calls for Healthcare Professionals audiocast series during the month of April.

Bill Crounse, MD  Healthcare Industry Director   Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences


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  1. Jason says:

    Interesting ideas, but missing a few things, I think.

    I made some comments on my blog:

    It’s a good start, I think. Clinicians, generally speaking, don’t grasp all of the "what ifs?" of picking out an EMR, in my own opinion. it’s very complex. But, there’s a lot more besides the "clinical" involved.

    I fully agree with the premise: now is the time to buy. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into.


  2. Interesting read. There’s a lot of confusion about choosing EMRs at the moment and articles like this are helpful.

    I’ve put the article up for discussion at our EMR forum here:


  3. Kashif Haqqi MD MHSA says:

    We have build an integrated solution on Smart Client Plaftform regarding Practice Managment including electronic billing, electronic health record, lab, pharma, radiology and patient portal. We are looking to work in detail with Microsoft in this regard. Let me know who is the right person to speak to.

    Kashif Haqqi, MD, MHSA

  4. hlthblog says:


    Thanks for your note.  There are several ways to engage with our Microsoft Healthcare team.  Perhaps the best way, for small companies, is to get involved with the Microsoft Healthcare Users Group at  In addition, we offer a Healthcare and Life Sciences partner program that will point you to resources, training, product roadmap and other opportunities to help you better use our technologies to develop contemporary solutions for the healthcare industry.  If you are interested in the partner program, just send a note and appropriate contact information to

    Bill Crounse, MD   Healthcare Industry Director

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