Welcome: Microsoft Health Blog

On behalf of our entire Healthcare and Life Sciences team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our health blog.  We've created this space to explore, inform, debate and discuss the many issues and opportunities surrounding the adoption and implementation of the latest information technology solutions in healthcare.  Whether you are a doctor, nurse, patient, IT professional, researcher, health plan administrator, scientist, developer, or just someone who is interested in information technology and its promiste to improve care quality, safety and the satisfaction of those who receive or deliver it, this space is for you.  We look forward to sharing our own experiences and viewpoints with others in the healthcare and life sciences industries, in the United States and across the world.  Ultimately, every one of us is or will be a patient, or has a loved one who is or will be a patient.  Working together, we have an opportunity to develop a global system that leverages contemporary  information technologies for the provision of health information and medical services in new, safer, more efficient , less costly, and innovative ways.  We believe it's a bright, and very exciting future. 

Bill Crounse, MD, Global Healthcare Industry Manager, Microsoft Healthcare & Life Sciences

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