Windows Media Center for eHealth

Happy Holidays from all of us in Microsoft’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team. Isn’t the holiday season great!  I feel so blessed to be spending quality time with my family and friends.  A couple of nights ago we were with friends and after dinner the conversation turned to an item on regular television that we had enjoyed.  Not everyone had seen the program so our daughter went…


Does Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Reduce Patient Safety?

Writing this title, even in the form of a question, on a technology-oriented Healthcare blog feels like sacrilege; like an employee making a politically incorrect statement (choose one of your favorites here) at the annual policy meeting of the HR leadership. CPOE, including ePrescribing, is the holy grail of IT!  Leapfrog endorses it and we hold it up as…


Guest Blogger

It is evident to anyone who scans Microsoft’s Healthcare Blog that Dr Bill Crounse has an extremely busy schedule. I have no doubt that you will be pleased to learn that Dr Crounse is at last taking a well-deserved vacation through January 3rd, 2006. We wish him a good rest and much health (in the personal…


Windows Mobile: Development platform for health enabled Smartphones

This morning I had the pleasure of keynoting the opening session at the Medical Records Institute’s National Conference on m-Health (mobile) and EOE in San Diego.  Qualcomm VP Don Jones preceded me at the podium with a presentation titled “The Momentous Impact of Mobile Technologies on Healthcare”.  Don picked up on a theme I’ve written about…


Microsoft Healthcare Industry Director Offers 5 Trends to Watch

I’ve just returned to Seattle from TETHIC and CDHCC in Washington, D.C.  While there, I had an opportunity to facilitate the summit leadership group discussions on Wednesday and participate in panel discussion following a presentation by Doug Bush, VP and CTO for Intel’s Digital Healthcare Group.  Here are my opening comments on 5 healthcare trends to watch in the…


Transparency in Clinical Quality Indicators: The Future is Now

I have just returned from our Healthcare Executive Forum event in Minneapolis. More than 30 customers came from across Minnesota and Kansas, from Allina to Mayo, to join us at the Grand Hotel.  It’s terrific to see so many folks from the c-suite as well as so many clinical executives at our HEF events this year.  Clearly, Information Technology is…


On-line Physician Consultations: Eating Our Own Dogfood

At Microsoft we are famous for “eating our own dogfood”; the practice of pounding away on beta software well before final versions of the software are ever released to customers.  It’s our way of testing the waters for new innovations and subjecting all software to the ultimate test; satisfying some of the most demanding users on the planet….


Wishing You A Happy Blogsgiving

As I sit warm and toasty in my family room watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, I’m reminded of all the things I have to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful for my beautiful wife.  I’m thankful for my talented daughter who left IBM to take a job at that company with the high-flying…


Tablet PCs, Healthcare Integration, Portals and More

I’m just back from visiting with more than a hundred customers who attended our Healthcare Executive Forum events in Philadelphia and New York City. Our New York event was held in the famous Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center.  I even had a chance to say hello to NBC News anchor John Siegenthaler.  John and I worked together when…


Tablet PC as Mobile, Medical Monitor

In Healthcare IT News, Peter Haigh discusses a very intriguing pilot program at New York Presbyterian Hospital.  Dubbed “M3” for Mobile Medical Monitor, the pilot aggregates a variety of clinical, collaboration and communication functions on to a single device; the Tablet PC.  As clinicians roam the halls of their hospital, clinic or anywhere in between, they will be able…