Web Development will get EVEN Easier with WebMatrix



Microsoft is holding the inaugural launch for a new product, Microsoft WebMatrix at the CodeMash event in Sandusky, Ohio on January 13, 2011. CodeMash is a community organized event that draws a wide array of web development community members across the ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python and Java communities.


What is WebMatrix?

Microsoft WebMatrix is a new web development tool that makes it easy for anyone to create a new web site. Users can start from any of the built-in or online templates or any of the free popular open source ASP.NET or PHP web applications, such as WordPress, Joomla!, DotNetNuke or Umbraco, located in the online Web Applications Gallery or use a pre-built website template. Users can customize their site using the code and database editor within WebMatrix. When a user is ready to publish their site, WebMatrix provides access to offers from our hosting partners within the hosting gallery makes it easy to choose the right hosting partner for the app being created with a selection of hosting packages. Once a hosting package is selected and configured, WebMatrix then seamlessly publishes the site and database to the web.


Getting Developers Excited

WebMatrix is a very unique new kind of web development environment and represents the culmination of many years of development and evolution for the Microsoft Web Platform as we have sought to make ours the best platform for any type of developer or user who wants to build and publish for the web. The vast array of templates and pre-built web applications that are available in WebMatrix makes it appropriate for every kind of user, from a seasoned WordPress or Joomla user to a newer web user or developer that needs a simple and seamless way to get themselves or their company on the web. The combination of our Web Application Gallery and templates with our recently released Web Hosting Gallery into a single environment within WebMatrix makes it unique. There is nothing else quite like WebMatrix in the market.


World Wide Launch Event

The main launch event for WebMatrix will be held at CodeMash in Ohio in January 13th. To help us reach the largest audience possible we are also simultaneously holding a live steaming event called, Enter the WebMatrix and will be streamed from http://microsoft.com/web/enter. This live event will be streamed as both an HD Smooth Stream as well as WMV for non SL users.

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