If there were any cloud in Silverlight’s future…there is Sunshine now

Scott Guthrie hosted a 1 day Silverlight event where he explained Microsoft’s commitment to Silverlight announced new development in Silverlight 5 and roadmap.

Catch it here on-demand if you missed the lived event.


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  1. Geminiman says:

    Uh… I don't think so. No sunshine at all.

    It was billed as a vision of the future of silverlight. What we got was a lame duck session of LOB limited appeal applications, a touchy feely facebook app that proves that MS doesn't get it (and this thing will be irrelivent anyhow) and talk of features that have been impimented.

    What wasn't addressed was the future of silverlight as a platform.


    Android support,

    LInux support directly from MS now that Novel is a dead duck

    WP7 scaled to a tablet formfactor running Silverlight apps (because tablet is the future of computing for all but a hard core few) instead of trying to jam Windows 7 onto a platform where it doesn't belong.

    Windows 8 with an app store that only supports Silverlight apps.

    Promotion of Silverlight to the API of choice in Windows 8.

    Thus making silverlight the programming language of all windows platforms across all devices.

    HTML 5 + Javascript is a lame lowest common denomintor solution to a problem that in a PITA. Silverlight can own everything but the facing websites that get people into the apps. But instead MS shows no vision and no understanding that the desktop as we know it is dead within 5 years replaced by tightly controlled embedded OS devices such as tablets and smartphones. Instead they want to continue business as usual on Windows 7 pretending that the end to Windows' dominance hasn't occured.

    Get with the program MIcrosoft and get ahead of the death of your bread and butter otherwise you're going to be consigned to irrelivence. You have the power to own what the web is becoming with Silverlight, WP7, WP7 + tablet, but you have to do it now, and get the developers going now. WP7 is your future, not Windows. Show us how you're going to do it.

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