Beijing, China: Blending the Old and New on a Global Scale

Witnessing history in the making is a rare opportunity.   To me, one has to contrast the old Beijing to the New Beijing to appreciate the transformation China is making on a global scale.  Fresh from a successful Olympic, China has been proclaiming to the world..."We Have Arrived".   The sleeping dragon is not only awaken but poised to make its mark in every aspect of human existence on this planet.  Just look at the stuff you buy everyday and see where it is made. 

As with any emerging powers, there are opportunities and challenges even among its populations.  There are the upper class and lower class.  Not much in between.  This is very similar to Cambodia.  Big difference is China is a full member of the WTO and a global influencer.  Social and economic changes happen in an accelerated pace.  This transformation I believe is for the better for its people.

Old Beijing

Temple at Forbidden City

More Temple at Forbidden City

Bada Ling section of GreatWall

Temple at Summer Palace

New Beijing

Modern building in New Beijing

China built new road infrastructures for the Olympic.  This is a special express lane toward Olympic venues.

New building in Olympic village used during Opening Ceremony

Microsoft China office building taken from 65 MPH from a newly constructed highway.

In this China Series, I invite you to come with me on a 6 week journey to the Far East (i.e. China).  I will share my perspective as an eastern descendant raised in a western country.

1. Lots of pictures
2. Chinese cultures and historical sites
3. Healthcare perspective: Challenges and Opportunities
4. Exotic Foods
5. and anything I can think of.

Sacred Walk of the Ming Tomb.  I'm the good looking guy on the right:)

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