Removing Windows Firewall from SP2 Configuration to reduce footprint

Hello All, Are you looking for low footprint SP2 Image? Here is one way to reduce the footprint, if you don’t need “Windows Firewall” in your configuration (Note: In general keeping windows firewall in runtime is recommended): 1. Create a new SP2 configuration and import PMQ for your system.2. Add any other components that you want in your configuration…


Retail-optimized XP Embedded Operating System

Microsoft just announced the development of customized windows embedded OS targeted towards retail POS systems. Check it out at: This is a part of Smarter Retailing Initiative from Microsoft. For information on this initiative, visit following site:  


Windows XP Embedded with eTRUST Antivirus Software!

Computer Associates released eTrust Antivirus software for XP Embedded yesterday. It promises minimal footprint starting at under 6MB and compatability with XP Embedded SP2.  It provides protection against viruses and a variety of other network-based threats and essential updates of virus signatures for ongoing security. Check it out at:


Free XP Embedded SP2 Tech Preview is Available

XP Embedded SP2 Tech preview is available for download from the following site: For more information on what is new in XP Embedded SP2, check out the following article:

How to configure Firewall in XPE SP2?

Hi All: Windows XP Embedded SP2 is coming and one of the major feature that has changed is windows firewall. Firewall is enabled by default in SP2 and you will need to open ports used by your applications. Here is how you can configure Windows Firewall in XPE SP2: To Configure Firewall Pre-FBA (offline) you can…


Configuring common user settings and Policies in runtime

Severeal common user settings and policies can be set using gpedit.msc (Group Policy Snap-in). This includes desktop, start menu, taskbar, contorl panel, logon, network and power management related settings etc. Have you ever wondered how to remove logoff or shutdown button from start menu?  Or how to set wallpaper or screensaver in runtime? Or how…

Improved Security Agent for XP Embedded from Sygate Technologies

Sygate Technologies announced that their improved security agent 4.0 for XP Embedded devices will be available by end of this month. It promises advanced protection against worm, viruses and application hijacking. Check out the following article:  


EOL (End of Life) Components and Branching

Have you ever wondered what are those “End of Life (EOL)” components in XPE database and how they work? When a new version of some application or component is available (e.g. Windows Media Player 9.0 or DirectX 9.0), old version of that component (e.g. WMP 8.0 or DirectX 8.0) is retired. To replace the old…


Another XPE Blog

First, a little bit about myself: I joined Microsoft and XP Embedded team about 8 months back. Before coming to Microsoft, I did my Masters in Computer Engineering at University of Southern California and I also worked there as a Systems Analyst for about a year and a half. Even though, I have been in…