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First, a little bit about myself: I joined Microsoft and XP Embedded team about 8 months back. Before coming to Microsoft, I did my Masters in Computer Engineering at University of Southern California and I also worked there as a Systems Analyst for about a year and a half. Even though, I have been in XP Embedded team for a short time, I have worked on several bits and pieces of XPE SP2 and I wanted to share some useful information that I have learned. So, here I am, blogging for the first time, in the hope that someone out there will find this useful.

I will use this blog primarily to talk about common XP Embedded issues raised in newsgroups and also to share news on embedded features and cool devices.  I am planning to post articles on how to configure some features offline (Windows Firewall, Dr. Watson, Pop-UP blocking etc.) and tweaking registry settings. Also, whenever possible, I am planning to post some scripts and tools that I am working on. I have written scripts to backup, restore and remove XPE database which can be useful as a starting point for anyone who wants to write his/her own custom database scripts. I have also written tools to diff SLDs and SLXs.

Stay Tuned......

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  1. Great! Thanks for posting this information. I’ve been trying to find information on the enhancements to XP Embedded in SP2 and I finally have.

    I co-authored an article on how to make an image of XP Embedded boot from a CD. The process is quite complex, as you have described, and it took lots of experimenting, browsing various sites and the MSDN library to figure the process out. You can look at our guide here:

    Hopefully the improvements made in SP2 will make this much easier. A lot of people (including me) have also been asking us how to make a "generic" hardware component. We’ve been trying to do this but haven’t found a way yet, but hopefully SP2 will solve this.

    I look forward to hearing all the other things you have for us!

  2. Hey all how are u says:

    I am having a great problem in making my xpe image bootable on a cd. I have followed all the instructions on ms website, and still no luck.

    Hmm was wondering if some one can help me and tell me what i am doing wrong.

    I get stuck on the part making a pre fba cd

    when I use the Hd2iso util and burn the pre fba cd.

    I get a error when i try to boot with it

    the error is something like- 1-Hd Halt

    Remove media of disk and press any key to restart.

    Pls can some on tell me where i am going wrong.

    Thanks Nadeem

  3. Harsh says:

    Hi Nadeem,

    It seems to me that you are trying to boot from pre-fba CD and hence you are getting the error. Once you deploy XPE image on runtime partition, create pre-FBA CD, put this CD in CD-ROM Drive, go to BIOS and make sure that the first boot device is HD and CD-ROM is not listed as bootable device. You have to boot from your runtime partition and go through FBA. PRE-FBA CD has to be in the drive so that El Torito volume gets detected during FBA. You might also find this useful:*

  4. User says:

    "I have also written tools to diff SLDs and SLXs."

    Are these tools available publicly yet?

  5. Harsh says:

    No, these tools are not available publicly yet. However, I intend to post them in future. I need to work a little bit on them before posting. You can contact me offline at "harshs at microsoft dot com"

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