Single SignOn Error codes and what they mean

Error Code Meaning When Thrown Bubbled Behavior How To Overcome -2140993974 SSO is not configured Failure when SSO has not been setup via Central Administration Critical error logged in ULS with error code. If SSO is not configured then configure from Central Admin. -2140993973 SSO Wrong Version SSO config setting or master secret has changed…



Single Sign On does not work with Forms Based AuthenticationSingleSignonException caught.Exception Code: 0x8062fffcSource: Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SingleSignonStackTrace: at Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SingleSignon.Credentials.SetUserCredentials(String strApplicationName, String strUserAccount, Object[] Args) at MethodName: SetUserCredentialsMessage: A call into SPS Single Sign-on failed. The error code returned was ‘-2140995588’.   R.I.P