It’s been quite a while since I have posted here. There have been lots of things going around. As some of you know, I was working in the SharePoint Developer Support team, and some amongst you, who have called in might know that there were huge volumes due to the never-before numbers of MOSS deployments….


Rendezvous with C/C++

/*PROBLEM=======Given 2*N  boxes in  line  side  by  side  (N<=5).  Twoadjacent boxes are empty, and the other boxes contain N-1symbols “A” and N-1 symbols “B”. Example for N=5:         | A | B | B | A |   |   | A | B | A | B | Exchanging rule:      The content  of any two…


Single SignOn Error codes and what they mean

Error Code Meaning When Thrown Bubbled Behavior How To Overcome -2140993974 SSO is not configured Failure when SSO has not been setup via Central Administration Critical error logged in ULS with error code. If SSO is not configured then configure from Central Admin. -2140993973 SSO Wrong Version SSO config setting or master secret has changed…



Single Sign On does not work with Forms Based AuthenticationSingleSignonException caught.Exception Code: 0x8062fffcSource: Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SingleSignonStackTrace: at Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SingleSignon.Credentials.SetUserCredentials(String strApplicationName, String strUserAccount, Object[] Args) at MethodName: SetUserCredentialsMessage: A call into SPS Single Sign-on failed. The error code returned was ‘-2140995588’.   R.I.P


IRM and the Object Model

A couple of weeks earlier, I saw an interesting issue. It was a normal day as far as days go in support and in comes this issue, where the person in question wants to investigate or rather should I say automate the process of creating IRM settings on document libraries. I wasn’t working on this…



I am attending TechReady 4 at the moment. If you are there as well, I would really like meeting up with you. Reaching Seattle from India, was one heck of a journey. With more than 30 hours spent looking at the insides of a plane, we were lucky we didn’t lose it, by the time…


Updates, updates, updates…

Right of the bat! All SKU’s of Office 2007 client and server have shipped. Also, at the same time, the greatest and bestest OS ever has been shipped as well. This is aptly enabled with the “WOW” campaign for both the Office2007 suite as well as Vista.Yaaayyyyy! On another note, people with MSDN subscriptions can…


Custom Search and URL zones

It’s a very common task with SharePoint to create a custom Search web part. The objective ranges from the very intuitive – need to change the search results display – to the very complex perform some complex queries that are not possible Out of the Box. For a large part, customizing the search behavior in…


Forms Based Authentication in MOSS

There have been a lot of great posts in the blogosphere on how to setup forms based authentication. Some of them:SharePoint Product Group Blog by Steve PeschkaNick Swan [non-MS] What I want to put forth in this post, is a reference on the web.config changes that are required for various types of providers plus some…