Some random issues with Beta 2 Technical Refresh of MOSS 2007

Its been quite some time since the B2TR builds for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 were released. The builds have been released as patches and the general upgrade experience has been something that has helped us learn a lot about upgrades and patching scenarios. Amongst all the scenarios that we have seen there have been…


Adding a List Item inside a folder

As with v2, v3 also has seen its fair share of requests on how you can add an item to a folder in a list. Now, there are two types of lists that we are dealing with, lists that store documents and lists that store items. Internally they are identified by the list type which…


Copying publishing site pages

Publishing sites are just WSS sites with a special template. Though there is a separate namespace to help with the feature light-up specific to publishing sites. A very trivial scenario would be copying a page from a library, say the Pages library in a publishing site to say a Pages library in another Publishing site….


Lists Web Service – I

As with SPS 2003, MOSS ships with some default web services as well. Most of them have been carried over from SPS 2003, whereas there are some that are newly introduced. The Lists webservice offers some interesting functions to perform remote operations on the lists in a site collection. Some of the web methods that…


Pages and ListItems

The first thing you notice about MOSS is you can create custom pages that get stored in a doc library/list somewhere on the site. Most of the pages get stored in the Pages gallery. Then theres the Master Page and Page Layout gallery that houses almost all the master pages and page creation templates. From…


Starting custom SharePoint development with MOSS 2007

MOSS 2007 has been developed completely using the .NET Framework 2.0. This is as clear as rain, since the list of pre-requisites begins with the .NET 2.0 redistributable. Given this dependency, MOSS 2007 interacts by nature with Visual Studio .NET 2005. There are multiple variants of the VS2005 and all are equally capable of talking with MOSS….


Step By Step – Installation and Configuration

In the last installment of the “Step By Step” I mentioned what are the pre-requisites necessary for the installation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Servers 2007. I also put in the links where you can download the pre-requisites instal files. Lets say, you did install all the pre-requisites – how do you verify that they are…


The story around 64 bit

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not a 64 bit installation is supported or not. Well, the answer is a vehement Yes! Not only that but more interesting is the fact that the SKU’s are available for Beta2 with both 32 bit as well as 64 bit builds. The 64 bit builds…


Coming up

Posts coming up in the next couple of days- Step By Step setup – Configuration Step By Step Setup – Provisioning HowTo setup an environment for developing against Microsoft Office SharePoint server 2007 Navigating the Central Administration web site for MOSS Creating a simple winapp that will enumerate all webapplications provisioned on a farm. -harsh…


Step by Step Setup – PreRequisites

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is now finally out in its beta2 avataar. Having been involved with this product since as early as august, the one thing that has been the bane of all the testers is how to install and configure this product properly so as to be able to jump right in. Owing…