So lots of water has flowed under the bridge and then there's some more. Had an intense week (or was that two) since I put pen to paper. Gizmodo has been going berserk with my inbox with about 500 new articles already unread. And why not, with all the hoopla in the tech world on boys and their toys! Lots of interesting info on Apple, lots of i-Pod bashing and then they dont even spare a toilet paper giant like Nokia, do they?

Met up with loads of people on orkut, and planning a rock climbing trip the coming weekend with some one I have never met with! Interesting. Also have a Table tennis tournament on the last weekend of this month. This is conincidentally being organised by the same folks, who organised a tourney a couple of months back. That was our first foray into intercorporate Table tennis and thanks to a brilliant display by one of my colleagues, we stand proud with the cup. So a fitting end to an eventful month it will be.

Bangalore has lately seen a spurt of anti-social activities, what with the growing discontent amongst the localites against the so-called-and-considered-wealthy "outsiders" who work in the "gold mine" called IT. Also, with the increasing change of timings to mirror the US work hours, lots of IT folks are falling prey to the erstwhile Robin Hoods of Bangalore. Tsk, tsk.! Bangalore surely is becoming an unsafe place in the dark hours of the night. Recently there was a standoff between the IT majors and the local Government over the apparent apathy of the government bodies to provide, nay even maintain the current state of infrastructure in the city. This city which till some years back was touted to be India's answer to the fabled Silicon Valley is totally in shambles. Poor roads, the slightest of downpours unearths the tarring and the road is in a mess, hideous traffic snarls and equally raucous and a i-dont-care attitude while driving. Surely, with the increasing interest and the recent spurt in the off shoring business that saw many IT majors coming in to set shop in the city should have opened the eyes of the government, but it doesnt look like that. Recently the IT majors in the city threatened to stage a no-show at the much anticipated IT expo in the city, unless the government chalked out a concrete plan with well set timelines to counter the deteriorating situation. Now, here's the most fun part, instead of pulling up its socks and retaliating with a well chalked out improvement program, the local govt, actually took the verbal volley back. They made the scathing remarks that the firms which had been given shelter in this city, had in fact done nothing in terms of giving back to the city, and also, alleged that these very firms had adopted a anti Kannada stand (kannada being the local language, and here i mean a stand against the locals). And the verbal diarrhoea continued with lots of local NGO's staging protest rally's against the IT folks and the like. Thats one thing I like about democracy (and I am not belittleing India by any chance). Its so easy, with the whole freedom of speech and all those diktats, that if you dont like something, you get a group of people who agree with you and get on the streets and force everybody else to agree with you in the process. Of course, in that situation, who cares about the millions of dollars of business lost on that day! Democracy where art thou?

Just today I received this link in an email and man, was it so disturbing, I cant sit still in my chair after reading that. Check it out http://sbcbrutes.blogspot.com/ (and for the ignoramuses, read the blog from down up to get the complete story).

Clear confident and Concise

Now where did I read that, of course, Windows Vista, theres loads and loads been written on what Vista can and cannot do. With all the reams of print going in on the visual delights, it was still a mystery owing to the poor graphics cards we have on our workstations (why do you need a good graphics card on a workstation anyway?). So it was only yesterday that a colleague procured a media center out of the local lab with a ATI Radeon 5200, that we finally rested our doubts and switched into believers. Amazing!

Office 12

This is the mystery package that is gonna hit the IT world sometime in mid 2006. What with the PDC demos,and the ongoing Alpha program, word is already out on the streets as to what Office 12 will and will not have, but mark my words, dont count on any of those until you get your hands on the actual product. My verdict, there's been nothing better, but then thats what everybody in the literate world said when Win XP came out or for that matter, what Adam said when God created woman. (Oh yeah i know, Eve came first!)

Watched a Bertolucci film lately "Stealing Beauty". There are just two other movies of that guy that I have watched, "The Last Emperor" and "The Last Tango in Paris". Gawd, there's something about this guy, he has genius written all over his movies. Hats off!

Last time it was AoE3, but times have changed and so I have moved over to Quake 3 network multiplayer. Awesome, fun, this game beats any body hands down with the level of detail, and the pace of the game. Ultimate fragfest.

C ya till next time!

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