Podcast: Planning and Storyboarding

Is it worth spending the time it takes to sketch out graphical ideas in advance, or is it better to get started quickly and spend the time on the version you plan to hand off? Does it make sense to spend resources storyboarding a video, or is it wiser to spend that time shooting, as…


Screencasts ARE documentation

We came across a blog post, written by a technical writer, who describes her personal experiences with creating screencasts. Her manager asked each member of her writing team to create a video featuring a product that they document. This line from the blog post strikes a chord for me: Another great thing: this product has…


Podcast: Visual efficiency in design and in video demos

Visual efficiency means creating graphical elements and placing them to take advantage of the way the eye and brain work. We based our discussion around a presentation given by Ryan Coleman (linked below), who discusses four things that the eye and brain see first in any space: color, shape/orientation, size/proximity, and motion. We also talked…


Clarity Episode 4: Website map in exchange for information

A chance encounter at a coffee shop leads Clarity to a new case and a possible lead for information. Watch how Visio tames the client’s website through an easy-to-use wizard that pulls information directly from the site. Will we find out what people around town are saying about Clarity?     – Eric S.


Clarity Episode 3: Network diagrams are no sweat

A nervous client with a tight deadline needs to document his network, fast. Harrison Clarity applies his Visio skills to create a network diagram quickly and easily.     – Eric S.


Clarity Episode 2: From Excel spreadsheet to Visio org chart

Harrison Clarity, visualizer-for-hire and Visio master, demonstrates how to convert data from an Excel spreadsheet into Visio organization chart shapes with just a few clicks.     You, too, can download the free trial of Visio 2007 here. – Eric S.


Matching message and presentation … with PowerPoint 2010

This presentation, which combines some of the new features in PowerPoint 2010 as well as a tasteful and integrated application of animation, provides five rules for matching your message and your presentation.   Office PowerPoint 2010 "Five Rules" sample presentation Nancy Duarte, writer of Slide:ology and principal of Duarte Design, is a master of creating beautifully…


TC4D: Make Better Videos with Less Rework by Using Storyboards

Storyboards help you plan your video shot by shot. That way, you can make sure your video is at least as interesting as the audio, and you have a list of all the most important shots. If you just make a text-only script, it can be easy to overlook sections where visuals would be a…


Podcast: Office Casual and the success of directness

Office Casual is one of the most successful video series created by Microsoft content producers. Doug Thomas, the person behind it, talks about how it got its direct, no-frills look (and why the show keeps that look). Listen to the episodeDuration: 15:59Size: 10.9 MB Watch episodes of Office Casual at the Inside Office Online blog….


TC4D: Preparing for a media-centered future

Well, the title of the presentation I saw was “Preparing for a Media-Centered Future”, but the interesting content was mostly about preparing your media (video in particular) for effective distribution. I talked with one of the presenters, Travis Petershagen, about how he does this as part of Microsoft Studios. Right-click and save toDownload in Zune format…