TC4D: Make Better Videos with Less Rework by Using Storyboards

Storyboards help you plan your video shot by shot. That way, you can make sure your video is at least as interesting as the audio, and you have a list of all the most important shots. If you just make a text-only script, it can be easy to overlook sections where visuals would be a…


TC4D: Guiding viewers through complex information

Complex information is usually easier to understand when it’s presented in a graphic format, such as a process flowchart or workflow diagram. But even those can be confusing at first glance, and look more complicated than they actually are. Well, here’s a way to make it easier for your audience to digest that kind of…

TC4D: Preparing for a media-centered future

Well, the title of the presentation I saw was “Preparing for a Media-Centered Future”, but the interesting content was mostly about preparing your media (video in particular) for effective distribution. I talked with one of the presenters, Travis Petershagen, about how he does this as part of Microsoft Studios. Right-click and save toDownload in Zune format…

TC4D: Technical Communication in the 4th Dimension

TC4D is my video blog about technical communication in the fourth dimension. In episode 1, I talk about the fourth dimension and ways to use it. Right-click and save toDownload in Zune format Download in iPod format (also enclosed in the RSS feed)