Content Publishing Class: Part One

I attended part one of a four-part class on content quality today. Each class is four hours long. Since it was the introduction class, we talked about pretty high-level stuff the whole time. We broke up into small groups to talk about what quality is and how quality content helps Microsoft, that sort of thing.We…


Context in Topics

The documentation team I’m on is starting to write topics for a new product. It’s a fairly small documentation set as far as topics that explain how to do things—around 50 topics. (I’m not counting API reference topics, of which there will be hundreds. I don’t want to talk about that right now…) One of…


Voice in Technical Writing

The next version of Windows has the code name Longhorn. That’s not really a secret; you can read about it on the Longhorn page on the Microsoft Web site. I went to a presentation about the Longhorn voice, where they described the philosophy behind the style of writing they want to have for the Help…


Thoughts from Other Microsoft Editors

A couple other technical editors here at Microsoft have recently posted their thoughts. Mike Pope: The job of me Jo Molnar: Using Help (or How I Spent My Summer Vacation)


Highlighting Action

When I was doing mostly writing, the usability engineer for my team told me to write all topics in such a way as to invite action. He said that the reader should come away knowing specifically how to implement the knowledge in the topic, and shouldn’t just feel as though he or she now had…