Learn by watching 30-second video tips on Facebook

Part animated comic strip, part screencast, these short videos are designed to help you learn Visio 2010. What do you think about this strategy and the videos themselves? Visio video page on Facebook:http://bit.ly/VisioFBVideo If you use Visio, you can download the beta from http://www.microsoft.com/office/2010/en/visio/download.aspx. For articles about using visuals effectively and other topics, free downloads,…


Clarity Episode 4: Website map in exchange for information

A chance encounter at a coffee shop leads Clarity to a new case and a possible lead for information. Watch how Visio tames the client’s website through an easy-to-use wizard that pulls information directly from the site. Will we find out what people around town are saying about Clarity?     – Eric S.


Clarity Episode 3: Network diagrams are no sweat

A nervous client with a tight deadline needs to document his network, fast. Harrison Clarity applies his Visio skills to create a network diagram quickly and easily.     – Eric S.


Podcast: Creating screencasts as a narrative series

  What’s the best way to create a screencast that teaches people how to do something? Well, we don’t know the answer to that. Instead, we talk about one particular series that includes “how-to” screencasts as part of a dramatic narrative. The intent behind this approach is to get people who ordinarily wouldn’t watch training…


Clarity Episode 2: From Excel spreadsheet to Visio org chart

Harrison Clarity, visualizer-for-hire and Visio master, demonstrates how to convert data from an Excel spreadsheet into Visio organization chart shapes with just a few clicks.     You, too, can download the free trial of Visio 2007 here. – Eric S.


Matching message and presentation … with PowerPoint 2010

This presentation, which combines some of the new features in PowerPoint 2010 as well as a tasteful and integrated application of animation, provides five rules for matching your message and your presentation.   Office PowerPoint 2010 "Five Rules" sample presentation Nancy Duarte, writer of Slide:ology and principal of Duarte Design, is a master of creating beautifully…


Podcast: Matching visuals and presentation style to your information

  Information is communicated not only by words in a message, but also in the way the message looks and the style of how it’s delivered. If these aspects don’t all work together, the message loses effectiveness. Listen to the episodeDuration: 15:05Size: 13.82 MB The article that inspired this episode: The Extreme Presentation(tm) Method blog…


Create an office layout? Let Clarity show you how

Check out the first episode in our series that demonstrates the “film noir” side of Visio (and some helpful tips, too).   (We’d also like to thank Tom Johnson, technical writing guru, for mentioning these on his blog, I’d Rather Be Writing.) Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Harrison Clarity! – Eric S.


Podcast: Deconstructing a new video series – what works and what doesn’t?

This episode captures a meeting where two writers and their manager deconstruct their new video series called Top Templates (edited for time – who wants to sit through a whole meeting?). Take a few minutes and watch some episodes of the show so you know what they’re referring to; they’re shorter than two minutes each…


Podcast: Office Offline and comics in communication

David Salaguinto joins us to talk about his comic Office Offline. David creates Office Offline to get people thinking, talking, and sharing in a way they never would with short text blog entries about the same subjects. He gives us some insight into his goals and inspiration with the comic format. Listen to the episodeDuration:…