Prioritizing for the Reader

Download the episodeDuration 3:11Size 2.5 MB Sometimes there are a lot of little notes that can be written about a feature, and sometimes features do several different things. Is it always best in an overview topic to document it all comprehensively?


New Technical Writers with Mike Pope

Download the episodeDuration 20 minutesSize 14 MB Mike Pope, a technical editor with ASP.NET, and I talk about working with new writers. And just technical writing and editing in general. Mike, you SO need to start your own podcast! You have a venerable blog already. I know you have a nice recording device… P.S. I hope…


Filling in the Story

Even though I really like concise writing, sometimes the whole story has to be told. Download this episodeDuration 3:16Size 2.3 MB


The IM Model of Tech Writing

Thoughts about highly-targeted information delivery. Download this episodeDuration 2:14Size 2.0 MB


STC Conference Springboard Session: Multimedia Content

I’ll be hosting a springboard session at the STC conference next week. Springboard sessions are informal discussions around whiteboards or flip charts where people can capture ideas. Mine is about using multimedia as part of a documentation set, which is something I’ve been working on part-time for the last year or so. The session is Monday from 10:00…


How I expanded my concept of the technical editing role

I’ve been having a short discussion with Tom Johnson at I’d rather be writing about the new format of his podcast tech writer voices, and he asked about what I’ve been doing. My response got kind of long, and it’s stuff I’ve been wanting to post here anyway, so I decided to write it up. Several factors…