SQL 2008 Remote connection checklist

I don’t know why SQL document didn’t put all pieces infomation together. Here is the full list to check: 1. Ensure machineName\SqlInstanceName is correct 2. Open “Sql Server Configuration Manager”,     under “SQL Server Services”, ensure “SQL Server” and “SQL Server Browser” is running;     under “SQL Server Network Configuration”->”Protocols for server”, ensure “Named Pipes”…

Databind selected items across different pages in XAML

In my last post, I show how to databind selectedItems in a listbox in the same windows. This post I show how to databind selectedItem accross different pages. When databinding data across different  windows/pages/screens, we can’t refer to the listbox directly, so we need a small help: DataStore.The attached solution is a WPF Sketchflow solution….

Databinding for nested collections in XAML (WPF and Silverlight)

In Blend, you can drag a collection from the Data pane to the artboard to generate a listbox that is databound to the collection.  You may then drag/drop (in Detail mode) properties under the collection to create textblocks databound to the selected item in the listbox. But if you have nested collections, this is currently not…