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PowerShell script to run MIM Delta or Full Sync

Hello Guys, Struggling with finding out easy way to run MIM Delta or Full Sync, here is the script which can help. Run below command to create a directory to keep module.           New-Item -Path “$home\MimSync” -ItemType Directory Run below command to update PsModulePath  $p = [Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable(‘PSModulePath’,’User’) $p += “;$home\”  … Read more

Unable to remove domain from Office 365? Here is the script which can help!!

When we should use this script? When you are trying to remove a domain from one Office 365 tenant and want to verify domain on another tenant but you are unable to remove and getting errors like below. Remove-MsolDomain : Unable to remove this domain. Use Get-MsolUser -DomainName<domain name> to retrieve a list of objects… Read more

Script to Update msExchArchiveGuid and msExchArchiveName in bulk from Exchange Online to On-premise AD

Summary – Use this script for errors like below on office 365 portal. Failed to sync the ArchiveGuid 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 of mailbox 28b656595f-924b-4c5b-a4be-ea255450f  because one cloud archive 45e245ba67-a5ed-4408-8ced-a4d124521 exists Note: Recommended way to resolve this issue is using On-premise Exchange PowerShell. But these steps are for those scenarios wherein we don’t have on-premise exchange to fix… Read more