TypeC – A Simple .NET Dependency Injection / IoC Container

TypeC is a simple .NET type container for resolving interfaces/abstract base classes to their concrete implementations. TypeC implements factory method for instantiating types. Only one container can exist in a given .NET AppDomain as it is a singleton implementation. Multiple concrete child types can be mapped to the same base class through namespace support. The…


SaaS and SOA

I have heard intense debates on SaaS and SOA with no winners at the end. Some argue that SaaS and SOA are the same and some try to convince others that SaaS is different from SOA. I am one of the guilty parties who participated in the above debates one time or the other. The…


Silverlight for the Enterprises – Application Partitioning

In this post we will look at one of the architectural aspects of the enterprise class applications – application partitioning. Application partitioning is done for variety of reasons including the following: To optimize download times To chunk the application down to a set of manageable deployment units To isolate sensitive parts of the application from…


IE9 Global Release

IE9 was available for download globally at www.BeautyOfTheWeb.com at 9PM PST today. The following are a few aspects of IE9 that will surprise you:  1. IE9 is the fastest adopted beta in IE browser history.  With over 40M downloads and a usage share on Windows 7 well over 2% globally, IE9 adoption has more than…


3rd Party ISV Tools for Windows Azure Application Monitoring and Load Testing

Here are a list of products, in no particular order, which will help improve the quality of end user experience for Azure hosted applications. This list is an organic aggregation of tribal knowledge and is not a definitive one. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send it to me through comments. Application…


Top Benefits of Running Node.js on Windows Azure

Introduction This post is inspired by Tomasz’s Hosting Node Applications on IIS write up that focused on the benefits of running Node.js on Windows server through iisnode. In this post, I wanted to focus on giving it a Windows Azure color and list the benefits of running Node.js on Microsoft cloud platform. Some of the…


Windows Azure PDC 2010 Announcements

Windows Azure PDC Announcements Here is a list of PDC announcements (excluding AppFabric) made by Bob Muglia during the PDC 2010 Keynote which can be viewed on demand at (http://www.microsoftpdc.com): Calendar Year 2010 · Virtual Machine (VM) role: increases flexibility to run software of your choice (stateless server components) on Azure platform. Database server is…


ISHIR moves their on-premise solution to Windows Azure cloud with minimal investment

Technorati Tags: Windows Azure,ISHIR,SQL Azure,Windows Azure Storage One of the Microsoft partners ISHIR (http://www.ishir.com) recently built a Windows Azure solution by migrating their on-premise IT assets to the Microsoft cloud computing platform.  Portability Windows Azure platform allowed quick time to market of the solution as the on-premise web application is almost compatible with Windows Azure….


Office 2007 Training

I stumbled upon this cool training on Office 2007: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=5cb386ff-1b77-4adc-a42f-f5ea375e4ed1&displaylang=en The training covers all the major sub products including: Word Development, Sharepoint Development, Content Management, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, etc. Enjoy the content! – hanuk


Sign-up Process for Azure Virtual Machines Preview

Here is the process for signing up to the Azure Virtual Machines feature: Step 1: Log into the portal and display the management console Step 2: Click on “Visit the Preview Portal” in the footer. Step 2: Click on "+NEW” Step 3: Hover your cursor on AZURE VIRTUAL MACHINES to display “Preview Program” link. Step…