Windows Azure Social Gaming resources

Just come across the following resources and thought these might be useful for others as well: Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games: Windows Azure Social Gaming: A Reference Game Implementation on Azure: Nathan Totten’s Blog that describes architecture : -Hanu   Technorati Tags: Social Games on Azure,Windows Azure Games,,Cloud Gaming…


Microsoft Cloud/Azure Security Resources

  Technical Overview of the Security Features in the Windows Azure Platform: Windows Azure Security Overview: Windows Azure Privacy: Securing Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure: Security Best Practices For Developing Windows Azure Applications:   Technorati Tags: Windows Azure,Cloud Security,Windows Azure Security,Azure Security,Cloud Computing,Azure SAS 70,Cloud Security Best Practices,Azure Security Best Practices


7 Career Mistakes IT Professionals Make

This is a nice reminder to me as well and thought it might be useful to you as well:


Microsoft System Sweeper

When network administrators shutdown your internet access due to a bot or rootkit infection and suggest you some internet based tools, you are in a paradoxical situation. I am sure you already experienced this if you have kids in college  Here is a nice standalone tool, currently in beta,  to remove malware and rootkits in…


Azure Throughput Analyzer from Microsoft Research

Just come across this tool from Microsoft research: This desktop utility measures your upload and download throughput from your computer and Windows Azure cloud.   Technorati Tags: Windows Azure,Cloud Computing,Azure Throughput,Microsoft Cloud,Azure Testing


Few interesting TechEd 2011 Sessions for On-Demand Viewing

  Keynote Tech·Ed North America 2011 Keynote Address Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from two senior Microsoft leaders — Corporate Vice President,Server and Tools Marketing,Robert Wahbe and Corporate Vice President,Visual Studio,Jason Zander — as they showcase a broad array of technology in the 2011 Tech·Ed Keynote. Cloud Computing Introducing the Windows Azure Platform by…


10 Reasons Why Architects and Developers Should Care about Cloud Computing

Benefits of cloud computing are often outlined at a great detail as understood by business leaders and IT leaders. However, very little coverage can be found on the benefits that can be related to developers and architects. Here is an article I wrote on Enterprise Systems Journal on the above subject: -Hanu   Technorati…


Windows Phone 7 vNext “Mango” Announcements at MIX 11

Joe Belfiore announced the Mango features including the following at MIX 11 : IE9 support leverages HTML5 rendering engine similar to the one on desktop. That means hardware accelerated HTML5 Audio and Video (H264) playback is supported without the need for plug-ins Application specific Background Agents scheduled by OS in a battery friendly manner. Applications…


Windows Azure Traffic Manager (WATM) CTP announced at MIX 11

Microsoft just announced Windows Azure Traffic Manager CTP (Community Technology Preview) during the keynote at MIX 11. The Traffic Manager allows the deployment of the same application to topologically dispersed data centers enabling the distribution of workload between these data centers through round robin, failover and performance based load balancing schemes. End user traffic will…