Sign-up Process for Azure Virtual Machines Preview

Here is the process for signing up to the Azure Virtual Machines feature:

Step 1: Log into the portal and display the management console

Step 2: Click on “Visit the Preview Portal” in the footer.


Step 2: Click on "+NEW”


Step 3: Hover your cursor on AZURE VIRTUAL MACHINES to display “Preview Program” link.


Step 4: Click on “preview features” to display a list of preview features including “Virtual Machines & Virtual Networks”


Step 4: Click on “try it now” for signing up to the feature.  You can repeat the same for “Media Services” and “Web Sites”.


Azure team will review your request and will notify your approval. Please check the portal periodically as well to see if your request has been approved.




Comments (2)

  1. Henry says:

    You know its a bad UI when you have to write a blog post explaining how to try a new service 🙂

  2. Royal says:

    but a machine that thinks should help us soulve any problems we encounter with our technologies now we as human race should enjoy our well beings and konw if we clearly think we can enprove these to take us  anywhere our hearts desire all we need is faith and the desire to emprove our exsistance

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