Windows Azure’s Flat Network Storage to Enable Higher Scalability Targets

Brad Calder, a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft,  recently blogged about higher scalability targets for Azure Storage enabled by Flat Network architecture: Windows Azure’s Flat Network Storage and 2012 Scalability Targets. Windows Azure’s implementation of Flat Network toplogy, referred to as “Quantum 10” (Q10) network architecture,  is influenced by the Microsoft Research paper: VL2: A Scalable…

Setup SharePoint Farm on Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Many of you may be thinking of deploying SharePoint farms on Windows Azure Virtual Machines… here are three hands-on-labs that will speed up your learning on this subject:  1. Active Directory Set up: 2. SQL Server Set up: 3. SharePoint Set up:   -Hanu   Technorati Tags: SharePoint on Azure,SharePoint on Azure…

Managing Your Windows Azure Services from OS X, Linux, or Windows Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)

A colleague of mine, Aaron Stannard,  posted an excellent article on managing Windows Azure hosted services from Mac, Linux and Windows: -Hanu Technorati Tags: Windows Azure,Linux,Azure Service Management,tooling,Node.js

Generating SSH key pair for Linux VM deployment on Windows Azure

Linux deployment on Windows Azure requires PEM or DER encoded x509 public key at the provisioning time to enable authenticated remote login through SSH. This  post is complimentary to and encapsulates key generation into a simple shell script on both Linux and Windows. In this write up, we will generate a self-signed public/private kley…

Sign-up Process for Azure Virtual Machines Preview

Here is the process for signing up to the Azure Virtual Machines feature: Step 1: Log into the portal and display the management console Step 2: Click on “Visit the Preview Portal” in the footer. Step 2: Click on "+NEW” Step 3: Hover your cursor on AZURE VIRTUAL MACHINES to display “Preview Program” link. Step…


Windows Azure Virtual Machines and other Capabilities Announced!

Bill Laing, Corp VP, Server and Tools Business announced today about the availability of Windows Azure Virtual Machines, Windows Azure Virtual Network, Windows Azure Web Sites, and a whole lot of enhancements through his blog: To see the new Windows Azure features in action, tune into Meet Windows Azure Event tomorrow at 1pm PDT….

Top Benefits of Running Node.js on Windows Azure

Introduction This post is inspired by Tomasz’s Hosting Node Applications on IIS write up that focused on the benefits of running Node.js on Windows server through iisnode. In this post, I wanted to focus on giving it a Windows Azure color and list the benefits of running Node.js on Microsoft cloud platform. Some of the…


3rd Party ISV Tools for Windows Azure Application Monitoring and Load Testing

Here are a list of products, in no particular order, which will help improve the quality of end user experience for Azure hosted applications. This list is an organic aggregation of tribal knowledge and is not a definitive one. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send it to me through comments. Application…


Service Bus demo from Brian Loesgen

A colleague of mine Brian had put together this nice Azure Service Bus demo: -Hanu

Getting Started with SQL Azure

My colleague Peter put together the following list of useful SQL Azure resources:   Technorati Tags: Cloud Computing,SQL Azure,Windows Azure