Windows Azure CDN for IIS Smooth Streaming

At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference today, Microsoft announced IIS Smooth Streaming through Windows Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) infrastructure. Previously Windows Azure CDN only supported structured and unstructured file content like images, javascript files, static HTML, XML, etc.

IIS Smooth Streaming-encoded video can be uploaded to a Azure Storage account that is CDN-enabled, deliver to variety of players including Silverlight and those on iOS and Android Honeycomb devices without any software development.

Microsoft will release the CTP for the Windows Azure CDN in April 2011.

- Hanu

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  1. Mark Richards says:

    Has this been released yet?  I actually just tried it, and it wouldn't properly serve my videos.  I could open the .ism, but doing .ism/Manifest failed…


  2. Any updates on this?  I still don't see the CTP anywhere and it doesn't appear to be in the wild yet.

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