New Web Application Toolkits

Microsoft is launching three new Web Application Toolkits: a. Calendars 1.0 b. Bing Maps 1.0 c. Freemium Apps 1.0 All the Web Application Toolkits including the previously released ones can be downloaded from: Please read further for the details of the 3 toolkits. Web App Toolkit for Calendars 1.0 Lots of Web sites store…


Awesome is the word for Windows Phone 7!

Steve Ballmer and Joe Belfiore @ Mobile World Congress:  The following Gizmodo review says it all : . Laura Foy’s interview with Joe Belfiore: Chris Kindel’s interview: Group Program Manager Chris Kindel’s blog: Windows Phone 7 news room: Gizmodo calls it a data centric approach versus a function centric…

Nice post about Silverlight 4 features by Tim Heuer

Here is a nice blog post I come across from colleague of mine Tim Heuer on Silverlight 4 feature list: -Hanu

Couple of Azure Storage tools

Cloud Explorer: Cloud Storage Studio: -Hanu

Check out my Windows Azure article in MSDN Magazine

Windows Azure Platform for Enterprises: Excel based Azure pricing calculator (part of the article): -Hanu

How to change Windows Azure default quota settings?

When an Azure account (or subscription) is set up, the following default quota limits are applied for each billing account: A maximum of 5 storage services A maximum of 20 Hosted Services Each Hosted Service comes with two deployment slots: staging and production Each deployment slot can have up to a maximum of 5 roles…


Windows Azure Resources

Here is a list of Windows Azure resources I come across helpful in getting started on Microsoft cloud computing platform: Bridging the Gap from On-Premises to the Cloud (Yousef Khalidi) – Watch this session to learn how Microsoft views the future of cloud computing, how it is starting to deliver this vision in the Windows…


Check my colleague’s description of Betty Crocker Kitchen Assistant on Windows 7

General Mills and Microsoft have worked together to make the Betty Crocker Kitchen Assistant, a new digital, voice-activated tool featuring high-resolution recipe images and step-by-step cooking instructions, available on Windows PCs and featuring a touch screen interface for Windows 7. The WPF application combines the content and services offered on the web site with timely,…

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Links

Here are a few links for downloading VS 2010 training kit and the relevant content to get you started:  Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 (Hyper-V) Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 (Windows [7] Virtual PC) Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 (Virtual PC 2007 SP1) Tailspin Travel Demo…

Watch Alicia Keys on Silverlight this Thursday!

For details please read my colleague’s blog at: – Hanu