Setting up Sharepoint 2010 Development Environment on Windows 7

I was trying to set up a Sharepoint 2010 development environment (server not foundation) and all my web searches pointed to: IMO, this was a poorly written document as it combined all the operating systems into one single document.

For each step, I had to search for Windows 7 and extremely cautious about what OS upgrades and hotfixes I put on my Windows 7 Ultimate box. So, I thought that a Windows 7 centric process captured from my installation notes might be helpful for architects and developers who may be setting up their environments.

Here are my notes from the installation that worked for me:

Step 1: Started with a Windows 7 Ultimate native boot VHD into which SQL 2008 R2 Express and VS 2010 Ultimate preinstalled. (Note: it should work with Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise versions as well. Even though I used VS 2010 Ultimate but it should work for VS 2010 Professional as well.)

Step 2: Copied Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise installation files to my hard drive directory: C:\SharepointFiles.

Step 3: Edited C:\SharepointFiles\Files\Setup\Config.xml to add the AllowWindowsClientInstall switch as shown:

   <!— leave the existing settings untouched -->
   <Setting Id="AllowWindowsClientInstall" Value="True"/>

Step 4: Installed the following pre-requisites:

Step 5: Executed the following IIS7 command as administrator after removing line breaks:

start /w pkgmgr /iu:IIS-WebServerRole;IIS-WebServer;IIS-CommonHttpFeatures;

Step 6: Executed Setup.exe and followed the process for “Standalone” server installation.

(NOTE: Installation of Sharepoint 2010 server bits on Windows 7 is not a supported configuration per the documentation. Only Sharepoint 2010 Foundation is supported and hence you are on your own if need help with the break fix of development environment.)

I hope the above saves a few minutes with your installation.

- Hanu

Comments (6)

  1. SharePoint Guru says:

    Me too faced lots of issues and found many solutions in a blog to install SharePoint 2010 in Windows 7.

    The URL:

  2. Arun says:

    Thanks for the clear instructions. After years it is still useful.

    I agree with you on msdn link, it is messy.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    How much space do you have on your laptop?

  4. xyz says:

    Can u elaborate the set up procedure for server on windows server ?

  5. Vipul says:


    I want to set up sharepoint development environment on my machine. My PC configuration is 4GB RAM, 64 bit windows 7 enterprise edition, core i3 processor. I have tried the sharepoint server setup using <Setting Id=”AllowWindowsClientInstall” Value=”True”/> tag in system's config.xml file but I failed because I can not use my machine as an administrator. I have office 2007( 32 bit ) and visual studio 2010 ultimate(64 bit) on my machine. Also I have SQL server 2008 r2 installed on my machine. In case needed I can use another machine for windows server 2008 installation. The RAM for another machine is also 4 GB.

    Can u please help me set up the development environment for sharepoint development with these resources? I am very new to sharepoint so I dont know whether I need to install sharepoint foundation as well after installing sharepoint server. Also I need help to install it locally only and also I should be able to use it for free. May be for some evaluation period as I have to do hands-on on it.

    Please revert back asap.


  6. m suresh says:

    Hai ,I Need  suggestion From Yours ,I Have Laptop With  Configurations (Windows 8.1 ,8 GB RAM,core i3 ).We Can Install SharePoint 2010  In This Laptop? .I asked one of the My Friend ,He said  it is not possible in windows 8.1.So PlZ give me your valuable  suggestion.

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