Continental Airlines IE8 Web Slices

If you are a frequent traveler, it is nice to know the deals what your favorite airline is offering on any given day. Internet Explorer 8 web slice recently published by Continental Airlines exactly does that; the web slice feature of IE8 allowed Continental Airlines to annotate the part of the deals page and publish it as an IE8 favorite.

Continental Airlines in fact created multiple web slices by taking advantage of the existing RSS feeds. The web slices were published to the “Travel” section of which can be accessed from

The three web slices that are published on are listed below:




Continental Fare Deals is one of the popular web slices and can be seen in action below:




Each of the links in the web slice can be clicked to display the full fare calendar on which is shown below:


Note: The pictures in this post are a point in time snapshots and for accurate information, please visit

For more information on IE8 web slices and other add-ons, please visit the following links:

- Hanu

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