IE8 Search Provider being promoted on

Technorati Tags: Internet Explorer,,IE8,Search Provider,Internet Explorer 8 IE8 search provider allows a prospective site visitor to search on a target site by simply highlighting the text and invoking search provider. To help with the holiday shopping needs team created a search provider that can be downloaded from or from the shopping section of…


Jon Box talked about IE8 on "deep fried Bytes" show

A colleague of mine Jon Box talked about the interesting aspects of IE8 that can be leveraged by web sites for pushing their brand. The podcast can be found at : Episode 41: Developing Better User Experiences with Internet Explorer 8 with Jon Box. Jon also blogged about this at – Hanu

Windows Azure case studies launched at PDC 2009

Microsoft announced the production version of Windows Azure today at PDC 2009 in Los Angeles.  Numerous customers and partners debuted their solutions during the Azure launch. Following are the case studies that prove the viability of Cloud Computing as cure to the IT agility issues:   Case Study Products CS ID Short link for tweets…


Windows Azure now supports various OS image types

  Azure Capability Price Remarks Compute (server usage) Small – $0.12 /instance-hourMedium – $0.24/instance-hourLarge – $0.48/instance-hourXLarge – $0.96/instance-hour The charges start adding up once you deploy the application. Storage (persistent) Storage @ $0.15 / GB-month stored This will include Azure Blobs and Azure Tables where the information stored is not transient. Even though Azure Queue…

Dominos Azure eCommerce application blogged by Jon Box

The Dominos system announced at pdc09 uses TomCat on Azure:

iStore is creating a Windows Azure based Digital Oilfield solution – PetroTrek Online

iStore (The Information Store) is developing the petroleum industry’s first public cloud offering on Microsoft Azure Services platform. The independent software vendor is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner who blazed trails with a SharePoint 2007 based digital oilfield solution called PetroTrek®,  that is being used by supermajor oil companies in their on-premise systems. iStore understood…


Cost Oriented Architecture of Cloud Applications

As I was speaking to a group of customers few days ago, one question kept coming back – the impact of the architecture decisions on the monthly charges. The operational expenses of an application deployed to Cloud can be significantly impacted by the architecture decisions. Typical Cloud storage costs around $0.15/GB/month. Imagine if one decides…

Silverlight ad publishing resources

Just come across a couple of nice resources for the creation and publishing of ads on Silverlight platform: Download: Silverlight Advertising Creation Kit Download: Silverlight Ad Publishing and Serving Guide   – Hanu Technorati Tags: Silveright,advertising,ad publishing

Advertising terminology on the Internet

Just found a great resource while doing a bit of research on the advertising terminology:,,sid9_gci211535,00.html#io I am hoping to find this one day when I need it. -Hanu

Windows Azure product team blogs

Here are the official Microsoft product team blogs for Windows Azure: Window Azure: .NET Services: SQL Azure:   – Hanu