– a great .NET 2.0 story

Recently Continental Airlines went live with a site built from ground up using .NET 2.0. The case study publised at the link ( ) outlines how a small team could buld a mission critical, high throughput, and scalable web site in record time. If you are a Continental flyer you would already have seen the…


Live From Redmond webcasts

Upcoming Smart Client Talks   Date Title Speaker Registration URL 7-Nov Live From Redmond: ClickOnce Tips and Tricks and what’s new in Orcas Saurabh Pant link 14-Nov Live From Redmond: Smart Client: Offline Data Synchronization and Caching for Smart Clients Steve Lasker link 28-Nov Live From Redmond: Client Application Services in Orcas Saurabh Pant link…


Microsoft Unified Communications – Office Roundtable is really cool!

Microsoft just unveiled a Unified Communication strategy (and products) that makes collaboration a seamless experience. The transition between modes of communication and the devices is so predictable and seamless and you are in control all the time. I especially loved the Office Roundtable that enables rich presence experience while working from remote locations. A video…


Windows 64-bit computing webcasts on MSDN

While researching on 64-bit computing for an architecture briefing, I came across these very useful MSDN webcasts from Ryan Storgard’s blog MSDN Webcast: Welcome to 64-Bit Windows Computing: Introduction, Architecture, Road Map, and 32-bit Application Compatibility (Level 100) MSDN Webcast: Taking Application Development to the Next Level: Design and Development for 64-Bit Windows (Level…


WinFX rebranded as .NET Framework 3.0!

Recently our Developer Division chief Somasegar blogged about the rebranding of WinFX as .NET Framework 3.0. The blog can be accessed from: As it stands now, .NET Framework 3.0 will have a dependency on .NET Framework 2.0 with CLR, ASP.NET, WindowsForms, etc versioned at 2.0.50727.x. It is not yet clear if the current WinFX(beta2) library…


Office 2007 Training

I stumbled upon this cool training on Office 2007: The training covers all the major sub products including: Word Development, Sharepoint Development, Content Management, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, etc. Enjoy the content! – hanuk


Don’t try to understand SOA; just get it done!

Last week I was at US National Architect Forum (,Vail Cascade resort, Colorado) facilitating roundtable discussions and architect panels. As expected SOA was a topic intensely discussed. The participating architects wanted to understand the other’s perspective of what SOA is and how to reach that utopian state. Even after several customer panel discussions and roundtables,…


Service Oriented Architecture Strategies

  Thanks to the hype generated by the analyst community and followed by the vendors, every customer Enterprise Architect has gotten a directive from the above to create an SOA strategy. Often the directive is not a result of the realization of the need for SOA but a result of a manager/architect attending an analyst…