Gerd Debruycker blogs about Virtual Conferences and football marketing

Gerd Debruycker is an event veteran at Microsoft. He has been driving many events succesfully amongst which Tech Ed and many others. Finally Gerd started to blog. He blogs about Virtual Conferences and about football marketing. He playes football with the best at the time. Enjoy!   Hans



Tech Ed Europe content planning has started. If you want to be there, you can already start by locking these dates: • Tech Ed Developers: 5 – 9 November 2007 • Tech Ed IT Forum: 12- 16 November 2007   My interest is obviously mostly the Developer event which will be bigger and beter than…


Tech Ed Developers (Europe) goes virtual

It’s going to be a busy buzzy event but in case you can’t make it, check out this site to keep your finger on the pulse: There’s going to be quite some content up there. 1 session per day will be posted there, Paul Foster is chasing people for interviews, Channel 9 is there,…


Tech Ed early bird coming to an end

Today is the last day to benefit from the early bird discount and registrations are just going great. The descision to split into a DEV and an IT Pro event was definately the right one. It’s just amazing what you can do with the content if you all of a sudden have twice the amount…


Win a ticket to Tech Ed Europe

Tech Ed: Developer planning is moving on really well. And I’m happy to say that also registrations are ahead of where we were last years. I’ll be talking more about content soon but in the meantime I really wanted to spread the news on the .Net Rocks deal. Check out their site and win a…


Tech Ed US Boston Part 1: Getting around Boston

Tech Ed US Boston Part 1: Getting around Boston We have lift off. My wife and arrived on Saturday in Boston, can you tell? On Saturday we didn’t do much as we were tired from the trip and also because it was raining like… you know, raining hard. Not so on Sunday. Woke up early…


The snob-ism of Architecture

A lot to do about Architect roles these days. As I mentioned before there’s a site Skyscraper where you can find out more about the different types of Architect roles you can find in an enterprise: solution, infrastructure, strategic and industry. What I’ve read on blogs so far has been centered around the question: Which…


Tech Ed: Developers bloggers

Happy to see that many of the Tech Ed: Developers track owners are blogging. We are all excited about this opportunity to build a developer focussed event and we want to have a conversation with you about it. If you’re interested, subscribe to these blogs: Beat Schwegler (architecture, connected systems) Chad Hower (base framework) David Boschmans (web development…


TechEd Europe: Developers 2006 – Building the tracks

  Deciding  which tracks we have is non-trivial but really important. Our  first goal isn’t to please Microsoft product groups or marketing folks, we want to have tracks that make sense to the attendee.   But what is that? Really, I’m asking! Do we create tracks aligned with the way see the Microsoft Platform? Or…


TechEd Europe 2006: moved and reformatted

  Although the rumor has been spreading for a while now, the official announcement has been made today. TechEd Europe has been reformatted and moved to November.   The format Without a doubt, the biggest change is the event’s format. Instead of having one event where content and audience was spread evenly on Developers and…