3 days left of Early Bird Discount for TechDays Belgium

I’m still hearing quite a few people say they will join us but at the same time they still need to register. Benefit from the discount up to 120 euro if you register before the 31st of January. I hope that the speaker line up (http://www.microsoft.com/belux/techdays/2010/speakers.aspx) and the session list (http://www.microsoft.com/belux/techdays/2010/sessions.aspx) actually inspires you most…


Gerd Debruycker blogs about Virtual Conferences and football marketing

Gerd Debruycker is an event veteran at Microsoft. He has been driving many events succesfully amongst which Tech Ed and many others. Finally Gerd started to blog. http://gerdde.wordpress.com/ He blogs about Virtual Conferences and about football marketing. He playes football with the best at the time. Enjoy!   Hans


Hyper-veeks are not afraid of VM creep or… Get familiar with Application Virtualization

Virtualization seems like an easy enough concept at a very high level. But as you start thinking about the four (5 if you add profile) types of virtualization (server, application presentation, desktop and profile virtualization) you quickly realize you need to make an effort to fully understand threats and opportunities. Fortunately there is help. This…


Live Mesh applications – How to get started

What a great video by Brian Gorbett! It really explains in an easy to understand way what Mesh Applications are, how you can build and deploy them. Luckily we have some local Mesh champs too. Here’s a great article by Peter Himschoot, Lieven Iliano and Wim Uyttersport from U2u: http://www.u2u.be/Res/Article.aspx?ART=LiveMeshAndLiveFrameworkArticle Peter Himschoot will actually be…


TechDays Agenda is online (and impressive)

Two days ago I had the pleasure to drive a across our snowy country to meet an ISV near Brugge. We discussed their solution and their development process and tools. It became clear that we have a great agenda for developers at our TechDays. We really have sessions that talk to all aspects of developing…