ISV resources on Windows 7 Beta

There’s a lot of buzz around Windows 7. A lot of it around many of the enhancements end users will benefit from. There’s a lot in Windows 7 that ISV’s can leverage too to create the next generation of user experiences and I hope you are all digging in to prepare for this very promosing…


Halo 3 or Gears of War?

I’m huge fan of Gears of War and I never played Halo 1 or 2 on my own console. Now I’ve been playing Halo 3 at home for a couple of hours and I feel I can take a first stab at comparing these games. Graphics: When I was playing multiplayer Halo 2 at my…


Halo 3 HD clips op msn…

Halo 3 is about to be released and Silverlight was released today. What a great combination 🙂 These Halo clips are so great. If that were real gameplay?! I guess we’ll have to wait a couple of years before the visuals will be that advanced.


Bioshock en Coca Cola Happiness

Just launching a rumor (all fake). Judge yourself… Coca Cola Mortar man (from the Happiness Factory clips) is a son of a Bioshock Big Daddy.    If it would be true there’s some serious trouble coming to the factory 😉