My week in the cloud (1)

Sharing some bits that I found interesting during the last week while reading about cloud computing.   Windows Azure platform Tools are being developed on the Windows Azure Platform. This tool, Cloud Storage Studio, allows you to manage your storage in Windows Azure.,289142,sid201_gci1380654,00.html Microsoft to add Remote Desktop and VM support to Azure….


Azure Partner Hub

Partners, check out this Azure Partner Hub:


Windows Phone 7 Revealed

Wow, it really does look like 7 might be Microsoft’s lucky number. Today’s announcement of Windows Phone 7 series is certainly greeted with a lot of positive sentiment. You can go hear to watch the press release: Also check out this site for demos, screenshots, etc…: And this article on Gizmodo is one…


HP Slate: The tablet I want

  I read Serge Jespers’ blog and was really happy to see he’s as excited about Windows 7 and the upcoming HP Slate device as I am. There really are some important characteristics being shared in this video. You can see it’s a full Windows 7 and even more importantly Phil McKinney shows he understands…


Microsoft Generation 4 Data Centers


Beta Release of Windows Azure Drive

Accessing a drive on Windows Azure using standard NTFS API’s? It is possible: Interesting is that it is actually a Windows Azure Page Blob in which a virtual hard drive formatted with NTFS is stored. The blog post contains interesting details as does this whitepaper: Fascinating to see the platform develop.