Windows 7 Client Software Logo

It should be clear to everyone that Windows 7 is getting ready for business! Since last Friday, the Release Candidate can be downloaded by developers and IT Professionals on MSDN and Technet and soon all enthusiasts will be able to download the RC too.

It’s exciting to see so much enthusiasm and read many positive reviews on the product. This makes it even more important to get your (the ISV) solution ready for Windows 7.

The Windows 7 Application Quality Cookbook is your first resource: This guide will tell you where the changes are. Even though applications running on Vista should run as such on Windows 7, it still makes good sense to check and be sure.

We also made it as easy as possible to get the Windows 7 Logo for your applications. Read this guide as a starter:

For Belgian ISV’s, contact me if you have any related questions.


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