The Javascript Trap…Haha!

By Richard Stallman:

If you can’t find the time to read this little piece of Kafka-like literature, I left out some words and reduced it to its essence.

free software is free, cute but Silverlight, worse, since Microsoft is bad. Only free programs become ethical . we need to change to support freedom to tell the user about nontrivial non-free to specify the free. Our campaign for free can begin.

This is all my personal opinion and doesn’t in anyway represent my employer but when I read stuff like that, I can’t help but thinking of Batman Begins and the League of Shadows that wants to destroy Gotham City because they think it’s the only way to serve justice.

That was fun 🙂

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  1. jackbond says:

    Here’s some free software for Stallman

    if(Stallman == sane)


        //Unreachable code detected    


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