WPF Application: ClickOnce deployed, hosted on Azure

Here’s a great WPF application built on Wikipedia. The application is deployed through ClickOnce. The bits that are deployed through ClickOnce are stored on Windows Azure as blobs.

Cool, no?

(link at the bottom)http://www.dotnetsolutions.ltd.uk/evidence/wikiexplorer

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  1. Tran, Dinh Duy says:

    A very cool application! It would be nice if you can share detailed steps for the deployment process (ClickOnce -> Azure Blobs -> Distribution).

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hans VB1 says:

    Some MSFT colleagues are trying to get more information on this particualr app. Until then, I can only advise you to subscribe to their blog: http://www.dotnetsolutions.ltd.uk/blog/default.aspx


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